GIST Alumni Box Synergy Launches in U.S.

GIST Alumni Box Synergy Launches in U.S.

June 3, 2020


GIST Startup Training winner, Box Synergy, announced this week the launch of their award-winning product line into the U.S. market. 

The Box Synergy team combined their product talent with their passion for extreme outdoor adventure. The objective was to apply their background in energy, materials, and technology to make the world safer for explorers. By partnering with the best companies and professionals from around the world, they have created truly high-tech devices that run on renewable resources. 

The product line includes an IoT solar mobile device charger, an IoT power bank, and a mobile app for pairing a mobile device to the charger and power bank. 

Box Synergy has previously been awarded additional accolades including 10 Innovators of the Year in Argentina, Young Entrepreneur of Cordoba-Argentine, Argentina Good Design Hallmark, and finalist in Samsung Innova in Argentina.


The Box Synergy team


We spoke with Box Synergy about their product and their process. 


GIST: Tell us about your product and who it serves. Is it a game-changer? If so, why?

Box Synergy: Today the Frost Summit Series, the world’s first portable IoT solar charger and power bank all-proof, made to help people who love extreme outdoor adventures be safe, stay connected, and stay prepared wherever they go. There are people who end up in emergency situations where they have no way to communicate or find their bearings. They may be in conditions that could put them in a life or death situation. During the pandemic, we know that people cannot go to the mountains, but we want the people who use our products to be prepared for whatever emergency situation they have.

GIST: You've just announced the launch of your product into the U.S. market. Tell us about how you were able to make that happen. 

Box Synergy: Yes, today we are jumping into the next step by bringing a smart, new experience to outdoor adventurers. It took working with mentors, advisors, and investors to finally bring this product to market.

GIST: What advice do you have to other entrepreneurs who are seeking to break into foreign markets?

Box Synergy: We recommend hard work, every day. Think about your customers and how your solution meets their needs. A great product is the result of that process. If you want to achieve something big, you must think big. Regarding the launch, we evaluated a lot of the different ways to enter the U.S. market. On the one hand, we analyzed the market at the hands of the Outdoor Industry Association in the USA, looking at the alternatives to entering through retail stores. However with Box Synergy, not being a recognized brand and not having sufficient product capacity, did not want to move in that direction. We considered brand ambassadors as a possibility to present our brand to the public, but they are a very expensive method and we are still in our startup stage. Finally we saw many brands that launch their products through crowdfunding and it is a very good method to gain traction for a product in a market. We analyzed Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but we became more aligned with Indiegogo because it is more flexible with startups and provides many more tools for customers.

GIST: How has your team dealt with setbacks? How do you keep your team motivated and focused? 

Box Synergy: Luckily it is not something we have had to worry about. We have a lot of trust in each of our team members. However, it is necessary to have good discipline and good leadership for your team. Be clear and stay engaged with your team.

GIST: What impact did participating in the GIST Startup Training in Argentina in 2019 have on your business? 

Box Synergy: Thanks to the training and hard work at GIST we were able to learn to listen to our clients, to know what their daily life is like, and to understand what their true needs are. Many thanks to the wonderful instructors and mentors on the GIST Startup Training team: Mandy, Eli, Mark and Heath!

GIST: What is inspiring you right now? 

Box Synergy: Currently we are focused on solving problems with access to essential resources such as water and energy. Knowing that a third of the world population does not have access to safe and reliable resources is truly a harsh reality to solve. That motivates us. 

GIST: What are you looking forward to in the coming 24 months? What big plans does your company have that you can share?

Box Synergy: At Box Synergy we are thinking big. We not only want to land in the United States, but also move forward with firm steps and reach Europe as well. We believe that the world is full of needs that we can solve and that is why we are working together with the United Nations to solve these needs in the short term.


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