GIST Alumni Corner: Sadaf Naz of Her Ground

GIST Alumni Corner: Sadaf Naz of Her Ground

March 11, 2020


This month's GIST Alumni video profile presents Sadaf Naz, founder of Her Ground, an online subscription service that delivers feminine hygiene products to users’ doorsteps.

A winner of the AWS Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur award at the 2018 GIST Tech-I Pitch Competition in Istanbul, Turkey, Ms. Naz was also a participant of the 2019 GIST Business Incubation program that brought together the best international S&T innovators and American businesses to increase cross-market access, open doors for joint ventures, and gain investor exposure.

Ms. Naz explains how her startup fulfills a need in the Pakistan market, empowers women, the role GIST played in her success, and provides advice for other innovators.



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