The Importance of the Asia-Pacific region

We view the Asia Pacific region as a key pillar of American leadership, diplomacy, and scientific cooperation, and as a vital platform for the prosperity, peace, and security of this and future generations. We fulfill this mission by empowering science and technology innovators around the world, and have worked to uplift Asia Pacific innovators since our founding. From rural pollution solutions in Malaysia to ocean health in Indonesia, GIST has centered innovators who are finding ways to build the innovation of tomorrow on the frontlines of where global challenges are meeting local communities. 

Learn more about the key role of innovation in Asia as a cornerstone of the GIST mission, and join us as we work to elevate and empower the global Asia-Pacific innovators at the forefront of building economic health and prosperity for today and for future generations. 

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GIST Innovates Thailand

Our 10-week training program in Bangkok came to an exciting close on 11 August, 2023. Participants received certificates of completion and were able to demo their solutions to guest investors and ecosystem builders.

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pacific islands

GIST Startup Training & Investor Forum: Pacific Islands

In a landmark event held between October 31 and November 3, the GIST Startup Training and Investment Forum: Pacific Islands brought together a vibrant community of innovators, investors, and experts to foster science and technology entrepreneurship in the region. The 4-day program, marked by intensive training and networking, was an entirely new kind of experience, not only for our Initiative but for everyone who participated. 

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APEC Catalyst: San Francisco

Organized in collaboration with the APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI) and the United States' GIST Initiative, this competition centered on empowering female innovators in the field of climate solutions. Seventeen founders received training, with 10 semifinalists having the opportunity to pitch their startups to a global audience in San Francisco.  

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Our Impact

Asia Pacific Innovation is more important than ever. GIST's number prove our continuing commitment to supporting this dynamic region. 


Awarded to APEC women innovators in 2022


Innovator trainings & competitions


GIST Innovation Hubs supporting innovators


Different countries and unique emerging economies supported

Supporting Innovation Hubs Throughout Asia-Pacific

GIST Innovation Hubs are our partners on the ground, providing innovation support from within entrepreneurs own communities. We are proud to work with these leading organizations that are shaping the future of this region.

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GIST Asia-Pacific Innovators

Learn more about the entrepreneurs we've supported who are building the future of this region.

Rafeah Mustafa Kamal & Rahinah Ibrahim, Oceanori | Malaysia

OceaNori has created an independent sewage treatment plant for rural communities that do not have centralized sewage collection and treatment. The treatment plant is one of the smallest on the market, easily transportable by boat, can fit underneath the toilets of rural water-based communities and treats sewage to meet the specs of Malaysia’s National Water Services Commission.

Chris Vanualailai, Envirotech Solutions Pacific | Fiji

ESP, established in 2023, provides accessible environmental technical services in Fiji. Their comprehensive suite of services, including environmental assessments, compliance audits, and waste management solutions, helps businesses meet environmental regulations efficiently.

Mark Jamer, Rise Rural Philippines | Philippines

Our team, Rise Rural Philippines, is a social enterprise that helps address health inequity in rural areas in the Philippines through our innovation called Araw- Kalinga Box. Araw-Kalinga Box is a solar-powered medical box that helps medical professionals in off-grid areas provide healthcare services.

Cherry Murillon, TrACE.AI | Philippines

TrACE.AI combats illegal fishing, a critical issue in the Philippines. Its traceability system reduces carbon footprint and ensures sustainable seafood, safeguarding both marine ecosystems and fishing industry integrity.

Trang Pham Thi Nhu, BrainAnalytics | Vietnam

Brain Analytics is a software to detect Alzheimer's disease early and accurately. It applies ensemble learning using traditional machine learning and deep neural network to analyze MRI brain images.

Nadea Nabilla, Azura Indonesia | Indonesia

Azura Indonesia is a social enterprise that provides an electric propulsion system for small boats, called MantaOne.

MantaOne is a modular product that can easily adapt t oany island. When users shift from a combustion engine to MantaOne, their running cost and carbon footprint are both reduced by approximately 70%.

Jay Arneil Gajudo, Galansiyang | Philippines

Galansiyang is a forestry support services startup that aims to help the mining industry speed up the process of mine rehabilitation by providing them with drone and IoT technology to automate forestry, including aerial seeding for reforestation and forest monitoring.

Roikhanatun Nafi'ah, Crustea | Indonesia

Crustea's Eco-Aerator increases shrimp productivity, reduces mortality, and lowers operating costs. This innovation supports sustainable aquaculture and addresses environmental concerns.


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