GIST CATALYST Asia Pacific Semifinalists Announced!

GIST CATALYST Asia Pacific Semifinalists Announced!

Meet the founders who are embodying women-led innovation throughout the global Pacific

October 26, 2022

Our semifinalists are here--meet the innovators who are heading to Bangkok for CATALYST Asia-Pacific: Advancing Women in Innovation! This groundbreaking pitch competition will take place from 14-16 November, culminating in the Finals on 16 November at the JW Marriott Bangkok where innovators will be eligible for up to $70k in non-dilutive start-up funding!

Fostering equity for women in innovation is more vital than ever and is an essential part of our mission with the GIST Initiative. These innovators have a unique vision in tackling some of the biggest challenges of our era, from climate change to healthcare access and more, and we are there to help them thrive. Join us as we work together towards building a more equitable global innovation community, and with it, a brighter future. Learn more about our work in the global pacific, and stay tuned for more updates from Thailand! 

Planning to attend the Finals in Bangkok? RSVP here by 16 November!

Meet the Semifinalists!

Nadea Nabilla - 4th Place

Azura Indonesia

Azura Indonesia is a social enterprise that provides an electric propulsion system for small boats, called MantaOne. MantaOne is a modular product that can easily adapt to any island. When users shift from a combustion engine to MantaOne, their running cost and carbon footprint are both reduced by approximately 70%.

Karina Kristanti

BANANA & Partners

BANANA & Partners is a start up that focusing on waste management and the circular economy. We are transforming waste into materials and energy in a facility called PANDORA; there we process all kinds of waste, turning plastic into shredded and pressed plastic, used cooking oil into biodiesel, and organic waste into biocharcoal.


Maria Monique Theresita Mercado Soliven


BIOFORM 3D provides on-demand, patient or case-specific anatomical 3D-printed models as training materials that surgeons use for surgical simulation. These custom training models recreate surgical situations so trainees can practice specific surgical techniques without causing major harm.

Trang Pham Thi Nhu - 3rd Place

Brain Analytics

Brain Analytics is a software to detect Alzheimer's disease early and accurately. It applies ensemble learning using traditional machine learning and deep neural network to analyze MRI brain images.

Michelle Gomberoff


Cirkula is an app that allows restaurants, stores and supermarkets to sell their surplus quality food. In the app, consumers will discover great quality food with 40% discount or more from different restaurants and stores. They then buy and pay directly in the app and pick it up from the store at an established time.

Fiorella de la Sotta


Cuentologia is a data based Spanish audio content platform for children's emotional and soft skills development.

Miroslava Rodriguez

Erandi Aprende

Erandi Aprende is an online platform that offers STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education to young girls and women through courses, experiment kits and diverse interactive educational material, all of which are focused on awakening an interest in science and technology from an early age in order to bridge the STEAM gender gap.



Dr. Titiporn Tuangratananon


FitSloth is a nutrition tool that helps people enjoy tasty food, while getting healthier. We acquired nutritional values from real life restaurants and grocery stores to build a large nutrition database. Then, we built an evidence-based AI recommendation system that will automatically choose an appropriate meal for you, based on your health conditions, preferences, budget, location etc.

Kaye Tura Limpot

iBotika Medicine Delivery App

The iBotika app connects pharmacies directly to the public. Pharmacy owners can sell their products through the app's platform to consumers, and iBotika will then deliver the products directly to the customers' doorstep.

Nur Hazirah Abdullah


IntellEx is a proprietary digital solution, comprised of mobile and web applications, for explosion-protection (Ex) Management in the oil, gas and energy sector. Deployed to the industry since 2020, intellEx has enabled a number of multinational energy companies to unlock value in their asset integrity management, ensuring better explosion safety at a much lower cost.

Adriana Carmona


Karbook is a technological startup that provides specialized solutions to the automotive servicing industry. Karbook provides an easy-to-use management tool that facilitates the daily activities and processes of auto repair shops. We are digitizing and professionalizing the automotive servicing industry.

Pamela Barroso - 5th Place


Luyef is a mission-driven B2B food tech startup developing unique technology to fully replicate the sensory profile of conventional meat into alternative meat products (plant-based and cultivated meat) to achieve the mission to accelerate the transition toward a more sustainable and animal-free food industry.

Mark Jamer

Rise Rural Philippines

Rise Rural Philippines is a social enterprise that helps address health inequity in rural areas in the Philippines through our innovation called Araw-Kalinga Box. Araw-Kalinga Box is a solar-powered medical box that helps medical professionals in off-grid areas provide healthcare services.

Melissa Chavana - 2nd Place


SinCarbono is a software that simplifies carbon footprint reduction of SMEs, through measuring, reporting, verifying, offsetting and financing eco-technologies. It generates a sharable digital report that monitors reduction targets and that gives the opportunity to offset emissions through a forest conservation project in Mexico. It also offers a catalog of customized energy efficiency measures.

Ursel Murillo-Laureno


SkoolTek has developed a school management system that’s complete, intuitive and very affordable. The highlight of this project is their AI Attendance System.

Dr. Choe Peng Leo - 1st Place


Our startup focuses on thin film solutions for carbon capture, water recovery and food purification. Our first generation solution, the Carbon+ membrane, allows the absorbed carbon dioxide to react with calcium-rich waste to form carbonates. Our second generation solution, Carbon+ fertilizer contains carbonates that adsorb nutrients in wastewater for soil fertilizing.

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