GIST IHub: Azerbaijan – SUP Accelerator

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SUP is an intensive accelerator program that helps startups grow in Azerbaijan and expand to international markets. SUP intends to be a melting pot for local startups by providing access to capital, mentorship, customer acquisition, and product development. 


At a Glance:

I-Hub: SUP Accelerator


Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Startups: Over 5,000 students helped

Sectors: An acceleration center that focuses on tech entrepreneurship


A Closer Look at SUP:

Entrepreneurs are unaware of resources available for startup founders and getting seed investment is one of the pains that exist in Azerbaijan. Approximately 120 prototypes have been developed with SUP's assistance. They have helped more than 300 entrepreneurs grow their projects directly or indirectly.

SUP has already built a small startup community in Azerbaijan but they say they lack a global network in order to increase impact and help our founders go global. That is why they decided to join the GIST Network as an I-Hub. They want to benefit from training programs that will help improve the networking and entrepreneurial skills of Azerbaijani startup founders.

SUP Updates:

Some of our alumni startups have gone to various accelerator programs in the US, South Korea, and Germany. They have hosted more than 45 events for the startup community this year alone.

Startup Festival

SUP is co-organizing a nationwide first-ever Startup Festival in Azerbaijan between November 21-16, 2019.

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