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icealex is a community driven technology innovation space with a strong social and environmental commitment. The main approach for ice activities in Alexandria is to provide an enabling ecosystem for action-oriented minds co-creating sustainable solutions for local challenges.

At a Glance: 

I-Hub: Icealex


Location: Alexandria, Egypt

Sectors: Engineering, Science and Technology, Business Development


A Closer Look at Icealex

Since GIST focuses mainly on Science and Technology, and building a support network for entrepreneurs in these fields; and that’s pretty much aligned with icealex purpose and mission. It’s also crucial for icealex to tap into such a network of innovation hubs and spaces across the globe; share good practices, benefit each other and find potential collaboration opportunities. 

The main goal of joining GIST Network as an I-Hub is to stimulate local entrepreneurial activity and ensure participants can grow their skills and scale their businesses together by getting exposed to different practices and expertise from GIST itself and the network as well. 

Icealex has 3 Business Incubations which are: 

  1. Startups of Alex; the city’s ever first business incubator in Alexandria  

  1. iceTech for technology based and tech enabled startups. iceTech is an incubation track for techies powered by icealex in collaboration with U.S. Consulate General Alexandria. The track offers a full-fledged business support for technology based startups to take their ventures to the next level. This is achieved through a hands-on mentorship experience, tech talks with local and international tech experts, and on-the-job consultation, among others. 

  1. Craft Pioneers for Creative Industries in the Delta Region 

The three incubation programs are located in Alexandria at the premises of icealex innovation hub however they serve the wider community from Greater Alexandria to Delta. 

The three incubation programs are located in Alexandria at the premises of icealex innovation hub however they serve the wider community from Greater Alexandria to Delta. 


The fourth incubation program is for idea stage and it’s implemented by icealex on behalf of the Ministry of ICT 

4) TIEC entrepreneurship accelerator (TEA) - Located at TIEC center: Technology Park, Innovation Cluster, Building (B8). New Borg El Arab, Alexandria, Egypt 


Number of incubated members: 

  1. Startups of Alex: 8 Startups (round1) 6 Startups (round 2) 

  1. iceTech: 5 Startups  

  1. Craft Pioneers: 14 startups (round1)  14 startups (round2)  

  1. TIEC entrepreneurship accelerator (TEA): 7 startups 


Icealex Updates:

Icealex believes that Alexandrian entrepreneurs have great ideas and the capability to create their own businesses. Some of them know their way and others face some obstacles, so they gather to share knowledge and help each other to increase economic development through empowering Alexandrian entrepreneurs. 


Icealex uccessfully finalized the first round of Craft Pioneers

Craft Pioneers is the creative industries incubation track that focuses on the design based startups (e.g. Leather, Wood, Textile, Upcycling, Jewellery and accessories) and have started the second round in April. An Opportunity Mapping for The Creative Industries Sectors across the Delta Region, has been concluded at the end of last year. 


Icealex started iceTech incubation track for techies is powered by icealex with the collaboration of U.S. Consulate General Alexandria

It has been a pleasure going through the journey of icealex's 7th incubation cycle with a new scope at iceTech. Four intense months of hard work and indulging our networks expertise with the great entrepreneurs to roll out their products into the market. Their days of hard work have come to an end and now it’s time to let their efforts come out to the light and let others see the passion that have been put into their startups. 


Icealex launched the Mentoring Up programme in February 2019

It is a tailored dedicated programme for upcoming entrepreneurs and start-ups which includes mentoring, coaching and guidance activities. The programme has been created by a number of partners who collaborated together and shared their similar objectives and goals to produce a unique programme. These partners include: HIVOS Impact Investments, Icealex. The programme ended by networking event was organized as part of the Mentoring UP Programme that focuses mainly on linking startups with investors and creating more job opportunities. 


Icealex finalized the second incubation cycle in 2018 from STARTUPS OF ALEX 

STARTUPS OF ALEX is the 1st Alexandrian business incubator launched by icealex and funded by the Academy for Scientific Research and Technology under the program of “Intilac National Incubators” and powered by icealex. 

STARTUPS OF ALEX aims at connecting the different components of the Alexandrian startup ecosystem, meaning linking the startups themselves with mentors, investors, partners and supporting organizations such as co-working

spaces and innovation & technology hubs. 



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