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Impact Hub Tbilisi is a professional membership organization and a co-working space dedicated to individuals, enterprises, startups, and organizations making a positive impact in Georgia. We aim at promoting social entrepreneurship among youth with different educational programs and projects. Impact Hub Tbilisi is part of the rapidly expanding global network, connected to 100+ Impact Hubs and 20,000+ members. Impact Hubs all around the world have a focus on innovative programs, events, and cutting-edge content.

At a Glance: 

I-Hub: Impact Hub Tbilisi


Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Sector: Co-working, social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, non-formal education.

A Closer Look at Impact Hub Tbilisi

In the frame of the Social Impact Award, 19 finalist teams got through the 3-month intensive incubation and completed the program either with a prototype or with a completed business plan.

When talking about the culture of entrepreneurship in Georgia the startup says they have come to understand that entrepreneurial activities in the country started just over 25 years ago after the collapse of the Soviet Union; until then people simply were not allowed to do private business.   

So overall the entrepreneurial culture still has significant room to improve. Their main challenges are access to finances, lack of incubators/accelerators, lack of experienced mentors, poor education system, not oriented on developing entrepreneurial skills.


Current initiatives

• Implemented 3 editions of the Social Impact Award program.

• 44 workshops of Startup ABC, an entrepreneurship program for kids aged 11-13.

• 15 participants in CultUp, an international program for social entrepreneurs active in cultural heritage.

• 4000 participants/attendees of Restart 60+ entrepreneurship program for women 60+.


Impact Hub Tbilisi​ Updates:

Since 2017 Impact Hub Tbilisi is implementing Social Impact Award - the international program for students aimed at promoting social entrepreneurship among youth. 10-month educational program is supporting students to actually build their social businesses. 

The KPIs for 3 editions of the program are:

  • 500+ workshop participants
  • 44 workshops
  • 5 cities in Georgia
  • 19 incubated ventures - 60 students
  • 9 ventures got a seed funding
  • 4 ventures operating successfully

Social Impact Award - 4 established social ventures which are generating revenue; 500+ students interested in social entrepreneurship

Startup ABC - entrepreneurship Program for kids aged 11-13

Restart 60+ - entrepreneurship program for women 60+

Fuckup Nights series of events - entrepreneurs sharing their failure stories

Hackathons with Garage 48, Startup Estonia etc.

ZEG – Tbilisi Storytelling Festival - 30 international speakers, 10+industries, 3 days of inspiration

CultUp - International program for social entrepreneurs active in cultural heritage


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