SIZZLESCIENCE, also known at SIZZLE, is a consulting company that helps scientists and researchers turn their technology into viable businesses. SIZZLE does this in a variety of ways, helping emerging entrepreneurs navigate funding resources and business models. As a GIST Innovation Hub, SIZZLE will work to expand its ability to support science innovators while providing more global connections to the people in its ecosystem.


At a Glance:


Website: Coming soon!

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Startups: Typically works with 2 to 4 startups a month

Sectors: Science and Technology, Research



Malaysia sits inside a market of opportunity. With more than 600 million potential consumers in Southeast Asia, there is ample opportunity for innovation and industry disruption. The problem is that many of the people who are creating breakthroughs in new technologies don’t know how to start a business, and the opportunity is lost.

SIZZLESCIENCE, also known as SIZZLE, hopes to change this dynamic through its consulting work on technology commercialization. SIZZLE CEO Murali Prasad explained that many scientists and researchers need help turning their innovations into viable businesses. He said SIZZLE fills this need by helping people understand the best way to secure funding and transform an science idea into a growing startup.

Prasad understands the problems faced by emerging entrepreneurs in Malaysia are not unique – they are challenges many people face in startup ecosystems around the world. So he joined the GIST Network as an Innovation Hub, to learn from these other startup ecosystems and provide global connections to the people in his network.

“I-Hub offers SIZZLE an opportunity to connect with like-minded people across the globe,” said Prasad. “We believe in inclusive entrepreneurship targeted towards common global problems. And we hope to share what [we] are learning to build the ecosystem in Malaysia.”

Over the next year, SIZZLE will work to connect with more than 200 entrepreneurs through GIST I-Hub meetups and active discussions about entrepreneurship. Prasad said this will help SIZZLE work faster towards its goal of building a community of scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, and people who support science commercialization.



Malaysia Startup Team Wins Top Prize at GIST APEC Startup Training

SIZZLE has been helping entrepreneurs secure their pre-seed and seed funding. Two startups that were working with SIZZLE on funding attend the GIST APEC Startup Training in Brisbane, Australia. One of the startups, Oceanori, won First Place during the startup training’s Demo Day. You can learn more about the training and Oceanori by clicking here.

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