GIST In-Country Activities

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Since 2011, GIST's in-country programs working directly with innovators have yielded significant results in catalyzing startup solutions that address economic and developmental challenges. 


GIST Startup Trainings

GIST Startup Trainings empower young science and technology innovators and entrepreneurs through on-the-ground training and mentoring delivered by top U.S. mentors and in-country partners. Training and mentorship combined with exposure to American businesses and access to capital encourage entrepreneurs to confidently apply their skills to creating science and technology ventures.

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GIST Innovates

GIST Innovates is an accelerated eight-week training program modeled after the Lean Startup methodology. Through an intensive customer discovery process, participants quickly identify and evaluate opportunities and make informed decisions on how best to move their idea forward.

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GIST Masterclass

Through partnerships with U.S. Embassies and in-country startup incubators, the GIST Masterclass Series brings U.S. experts in entrepreneurship to a specific country for face-to-face interactions with stakeholders. These interactions help build a regional startup network that supports science and technology startups.

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GIST Investors

In order to create sustainable investment networks, the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Initiative has created the Investor Mobilization Training program (GIST Investors). Through implementation partner VentureWell, GIST Investors works with in-country stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to bolster local financial support for startups.

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