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The goal of GIST Innovates is to provide innovators with the training, mentoring, and resources they need to bring their ideas out of the university lab and into the market.

This program is ideal for teams of startup founders, graduate students, faculty, or researchers in science and technology.

Program Highlights

  • Experience hands-on learning through virtual training at
  • Spend a significant amount of time engaging with industry experts, talking to potential customers, and testing hypotheses.
  • Share experiences with other entrepreneurial teams engaged in similar work.

GIST Innovates Current Programs

Past GIST Innovates Programs


GIST Innovates Ukraine (2021)

This program completed in summer 2021 Click here to learn more


GIST Innovates Bhutan (2021)

This program completed in summer of 2021 Click here to learn more.


GIST Innovates Ukraine (2020)

GIST Innovates Ukraine, underway since mid-2020, completed their extensive virtual training in early 2021 with GIST experts and concluded with an exciting Demo Day presentation from the cohort. 




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