GIST Innovation Talks Episode 4: Ecosystem Building

GIST Innovation Talks Episode 4: Ecosystem Building

August 27, 2020

This episode of GIST Innovation Talks dives into ecosystem building with the founder of SIZZLESCIENCE, Murali Prasad. SIZZLESCIENCE was the in-country partner for the GIST Investors Malaysia programs and serves as the GIST Innovation Hub for Malaysia. As an innovator and angel investor, Murali Prasad has seen firsthand how important a healthy ecosystem can be to supporting entrepreneurs and investors. VentureWell program officer, Samer Yousif, leads this discussion through both high level and more specific solutions to building a thriving startup ecosystem.


Key topics:

  • The four pillars of a thriving startup ecosystem
  • Angel investor networks
  • GIST's role in supporting ecosystems
  • How to engage your ecosystem partners


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Resources mentioned in this Talk:

Innovating for Good: GIST Innovation Hubs Roundup Part 3

GIST Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 with Events to Support Global Innovators and Entrepreneurs


Malaysia Investment Ecosystem Getting Second Boost from GIST Investors



Samer Yousif
Program Officer, VentureWell

Samer implements the U.S. Department of State Global Innovations through Science and Technology (GIST) Investor mobilization training programs, working closely with local partners and Embassies to plan and implement training, mentorship, and networking programs for angel investment networks in emerging markets.  Samer has led early-stage startup training programs in over 10 countries, working with innovators from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Central Asia. Previously, he spearheaded the North America outreach strategy for Ashoka. Samer has a Masters of Global Policy Studies, with an emphasis on international entrepreneurship, from the University of Texas at Austin.



Murali Prasad
Founder, SizzleScience

Murali Prasad is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering with 12 years experience in either managing or consulting innovative technology ventures.

In 2007, during his post-grad research in Biomedical Engineering, he was part of Malaysia’s pioneer R&D team led the design of a digital microfluidics point-of-care diagnostic kit for dengue. A year later, in 2008, he co-founded a lab-on-chip product development company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia focused in building low cost diagnostic kits for the poorest in the world.

Four years of running a high tech startup in a developing market provided insights on pressing issues with commercialization.

He founded SIZZLESCIENCE in 2012 and now works with a band of entrepreneurs to design investment ready business models and accelerate commercialization of discoveries from universities and research labs and early stage companies - in Malaysia and from everywhere else.

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