GIST Innovation Talks Episode 6: Team Building

GIST Innovation Talks Episode 6: Team Building

October 30, 2020

In this episode of GIST Innovation Talks we discuss one of the most fundamental aspects of early-stage innovation--team building. Our guest is Ivy Schultz, director of entrepreneurship at Columbia Engineering. Ivy is also an I-Corps instructor, innovation coach, and frequent GIST collaborator. VentureWell comms specialist, Genesis Lodise, leads this discussion through the many facets of startup team building.

Key topics:

  • Getting the right combination of diversity on your team
  • How to ensure team members will work well together
  • Planning for growth
  • Founder versus manager roles
  • Shaping your startup's culture
  • How mentors can help shape and advise team building


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Genesis Lodise
Comms Strategist, VentureWell

Genesis brings years of communications and technical expertise to the GIST initiative where he produces digital content for social media and the website.



Ivy Schultz
Director for Entrepreneurship at Columbia Engineering

Ivy Schultz is the Director of Entrepreneurship programs where she manages initiatives to foster entrepreneurship in Columbia engineers, linking them to the ecosystem of the university, the city, and beyond. This includes preparation for funding through presentations, venture competitions, grants, and other startup activities. Ivy runs international entrepreneurship programs for the School, with programming in India and Tunisia. She also serves as an instructor for the National Science Foundation I-Corps program through New York’s NYCRIN node. She has actively consulted with startups and larger organizations since 2009, helping them communicate technical ideas and describe their brands to customers, partners, and investors. She is also interested in technology policy and law as it relates to startups. She has a MA degree in Communications at Georgetown, focused on technology and international business.



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