GIST Innovation Talks: Social Innovation

GIST Innovation Talks: Social Innovation

March 26, 2021

In this episode of GIST Innovation Talks we explore Social Innovation with innovator and ecosystem builder, Kasia Weina of Evergreen Labs. VentureWell program officer, Khandle Hedrick, leads this discussion as we discuss what makes Social Innovation such an effective force and how to make this model work.

Topics discussed

  • For-profit vs not-for-profit vs social innovation/enterprise
  • Sectors that social innovation have most impact
  • Structuring your business as a social enterprise
  • Find grants to support your business in the early days and feasibility work
  • Regional adoption of social innovation
  • Exciting trends in social innovation


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Khandle Hedrick
Program Officer, VentureWell

Khandle is passionate about equity and inclusion and promotes both through the implementation of US and global venture development programs. Khandle has been managing projects between higher education, government, NGOs, and industry for over ten years. Her expertise ranges from programs with a grass roots local focus to those with a global impact. A former Peace Corps Volunteer to the Dominican Republic, Khandle holds a BA in Spanish and a BS in International Business from Pepperdine University and a MA in Communication from Arizona State University. 

Kasia Weina
Co-founder, Evergreen Labs

Dr. Kasia Weina has an extensive background in science & startups which offers diverse perspectives in strategic impact business, SEA startups and innovation. She was a founding partner for Evergreen Labs in 2016. Her strong, positive leadership combined with creative business model design, increases organizational efficiencies, improves sustainable revenue and proves businesses can operate utilizing a triple bottom line framework.

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