GIST Insights: 3 Cleantech Sectors that Need Your Innovative Solutions

GIST Insights: 3 Cleantech Sectors that Need Your Innovative Solutions

April 27, 2021

Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, from just starting to form the idea for your new innovative solution to bringing your solution out of the lab and into the market, technology that addresses climate change in a new and significant way could be the opportunity you are looking for. Investment interest in cleantech is on the rise and in some cases outstripping other tech solution fields. You also get the chance to apply innovative ideas to a pressing global need while having a profitable venture. With the renewed focus of climate change by international leaders, now might be the perfect time to bring an innovative climate technology solution to the market.


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What You Need to Know About Cleantech Sectors

Innovative solutions in the energy sector can have a huge impact on climate change.
Of the many potential sectors where innovations in climate technology solutions can have a positive impact, energy is one that affects nearly everyone on the planet. Energy consumption is one of the leading causes for climate change. Solution opportunities range from alternative sources of energy to higher energy efficiency devices to managing energy availability.

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Agriculture is another sector that has tremendous potential for your impact.
Forest clearing, cattle grazing, chemical runoff are all areas where new innovations can have a great impact. As the world’s population increases so will the demand for food. The issue of greenhouse gas emissions caused by food distribution, animal husbandry, fertilizer use, and deforestation will continue to be significant.

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Water security will be one of the most significant challenges we will face in the coming century.
Water security covers many areas of concern including agriculture, health, transportation, biodiversity, and land management. Because of this, solutions that tackle issues such as flooding, drought, crop yield, respiratory illness, and surface water quality will be highly sought after.

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Bonus Tip: Incubators and accelerators are addressing this need by supporting innovators like you.
Incubators and accelerators (such as Greentown Labs, Berytech, New Energy Nexus) with a specific focus on supporting climate tech solutions are looking for innovators like you to bring your idea or startup into their programs. Incubators and accelerators can support your startup in its earliest stages by providing much needed expertise, work spaces, networking, and sometimes even capital. Also, check out these VC firms that specialize in investing in clean tech startups. 

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