GIST Insights: Advancing AgTech

Advancing AgTech

The impact of agriculture on our society cannot be overstated. Agriculture transformed us from nomads to farmers, allowed for the building of cities and nations, as well as new achievements in art, writing, and math. Despite this, AgTech can be seen as a less glamorous and sometimes overlooked field for innovative entrepreneurs. However, agricultural technology has the potential to change our present world as much as it has our past. The current climate emergency has presented a number of challenges that we must address such as carbon capture, food resiliency, soil health and erosion, and water security. Whether it’s through providing food stability or fostering new ways of implementing sustainability practices, pioneers at the forefront of this space are leading the way in advancements that may decide our collective fate. GIST’s team of experts are here to share their insights into this exciting and essential space, exploring the new changes taking place therein, and how to leverage your own innovations to meet the challenges and make the most of the opportunities emerging.




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Sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive 
Many of the advancements in AgTech are rooted in sustainability; while an essential goal in and of itself, it is also worth noting that many of these shifts are actually profitable as well, allowing AgTech innovations to be as financially resilient as they are environmentally. 

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The technological innovation in AgTech is coming from many disciplines, even ones you might not expect.  The next wave of advancements in AgTech are coming from many sources, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer vision, IoT, drones and robotics, and many more. There are continually expanding new applications for myriad technologies in AgTech, if you know where to look. 

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AgTech is a growing market, and its growth is global.
The AgTech marketspace is growing exponentially, and its growth is happening everywhere. Whether in established markets or in emerging economies, there is opportunity everywhere, of all different varieties. Strategic positioning and new efforts in infrastructure globally are increasing the spectrum of access to markets. 

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Agricultural technology can act as a catalyst for expanded representation and equity
AgTech can act as an essential tool in stabilizing resources and narrowing equity gaps, and offers spaces for leadership for marginalized groups. 

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