GIST Insights: Lab-to-Market

GIST Insights: Lab-to-Market

January 28, 2022

Welcome to our Lab-to-Market Series!

We're exploring how innovators can work towards taking their innovations from the lab and finding key strategies to commercialize. With more options and opportunities than ever before, it is important to be able to navigate this space from the earliest moments in the innovation process. We are here to help! 

Our Latest Articles

Learn more about the commercialization process in our two most recent articles and explore some of the most relevant resources from partners and the best of the web below. 

Additional Resources

Is There a Market For Your Discovery?

We are inspired by this interview from UNC faculty about the importance of patent-landscaping and market research. If you are in the early stages of thinking about commercialization and aren't sure how to take the first step, or if it's even worth starting on this journey, this is a great first resource. 

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Global Perspectives on Turning Ideas Into Patents 

Researchers and intellectual-property specialists offer their tips for deciding which discoveries are worth patenting, and how to do the homework needed for success. With experts from Europe to Asia, learn from some of the best before diving into next steps. 

Start your Journey



Invent, Apply, Transition:

3 Rules for Making Moments of Inspiration Come to Life 
The industry leaders in technology-transfer at the Stanford Research Institute have shared their approach to fostering the ground-breaking innovations of tomorrow. Their solution? Identifying areas where advancements in science can lead to a significant improvement in society, and it's all about the process of ideation. 
Bring your Big Ideas to Fruition 

Combine, Cluster, Complement-
Context Can Make your Innovation Matter 

For many leading innovation firms, go-to-market strategies based on synthesizing divergent innovations are the primary approach for designing ventures and projects. Learn how to design a commercialization process that actually fits into how people live their lives. 

Make your Innovation Matter 



Stay tuned for more content...


We are looking forward to bringing you even more content in our Lab-to-Market series. Stay tuned for more as we bring you key takeaways, global insights, and emerging opportunities to take your innovation to the next level. 

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