GIST Launches Three-Part Series to Support Vietnamese Angel Investors

GIST Launches Three-Part Series to Support Vietnamese Angel Investors

February 18, 2019


Over the last three decades, Vietnam has become one of the most dynamic emerging economies in in Southeast Asia. Key to this economic shift are government policies and joint ventures by the United States and Vietnam. These efforts have fostered economic growth in the technology sector and encouraged more innovative startups.

Vietnam now boasts more than 3,000 startups, many of which work to solve social challenges through the use of technology. But while the growth in entrepreneurial activity has been exponential, the growth of available investors for these entrepreneurs has lagged behind. This is where GIST will work to close the gap between available investment opportunities and the high demand of Vietnamese startups.

The GIST Initiative, together with implementation partner VentureWell and local partners Fablab Da Nang, Venture Management Consultant Group and Hatch! Ventures, are providing support for the Vietnam startup ecosystem by launching a series of GIST Investors Mobilization Training Programs, also known as GIST Investors.

The program will be offered in three cities:

  • Hanoi on March 25,
  • Da Nang on March 27, and
  • Ho Chi Minh City on March 29.

At each program in this series, leading global investors will share best practices on the fundamentals of angel investing, conducting due diligence, managing portfolios, and negotiating term sheets and valuations with Vietnamese investors. The overall program will equip the investors with a sound knowledge base so they can continue to support the thriving Vietnamese entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To learn more about GIST Investors Vietnam and to register for one of the three trainings, you can click on the banner below.

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