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We're working to build an enhanced version of our mentor match program. We're currently piloting the program to test all the new features.

In the meantime:

To learn more about the mentor portal and why it was created, click here.

If you have general questions about GIST programming, please send us an email at [email protected].

If you currently lead an IHub, and are interested in expanding the borders of your own mentor network, please contact GIST staff at [email protected].


Once the mentor potral is live, there will be 3 easy steps to follow in order fo find the perfect mentor match for you and your startup: 


Login into the GIST Mentor Match portal, after creating a GIST Network account. Use the search features in the portal to find a mentor based on location and industry.


Once you find a mentor who matches the needs of you and your startup, request to make a match. The mentor will now see your request and will decide wether or not to accept. If the mentor accepts, a mentor match is made.



Now that you have made a mentor match, you can begin communicating with your mentor through the messaging service offered by the portal. You can also take your mentorship offline to better fit the needs of you and your mentor.




Photo Credit: Flickr | Peron Seo

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