About GIST TechConnect

  • GIST TechConnects are live webinars in which a panel of experts and thought-leaders discuss topics of importance to early-stage, science and technology innovators from across the globe.  
  • Viewers of TechConnects can ask questions directly to the panel of speakers through an accompanying chat-space next to the TechConnect video.
  • TechConnects are regularly live-translated into French and Spanish to ensure that viewers from across the globe can engage and benefit from the program.
  • GIST TechConnects provides entrepreneurs around the world with direct access to leading U.S. experts from business and academia, but without the travel and other related costs. 
  • Young science and technology entrepreneurs can engage with experts and the larger GIST community to learn about best business practices and startup resources.
  • In addition to the panel of experts answering questions, there is a Chatspace Expert responding to all questions and comments made in the chatspace - providing insights, sharing critical resources, and enabling conversation among innovators across the globe.


Why you should host a viewing group and promote the TC’s to your network:

  • Increased Knowledge: Innovators from across the globe get unparalleled access to experts to answer their burning questions about building and growing a startup.  From how to raise an investment, to understanding marketing best practices, innovators can gain important insights and knowledge.  
  • Connecting to broader GIST network: You’ll be able to connect to the broader global GIST network and get access to additional resources, such as GIST Pitch Competitions, GIST Startup Trainings, and access to the entire GIST TechConnect video library.
  • Engaging your local ecosystem: Hosting a viewing group is also a great opportunity to engage your community's innovators--viewing groups often host a local speaker series or event in tandem with the GIST TechConnect, to capitalize on having all of your innovators together.
  • Exposure to GIST community: Photos of viewing groups are highlighted at the end of each live TechConnect, which is watched by viewers across the globe.


If you have questions about GIST programming please send us an email at [email protected].

Past TechConnect Webinars

Perfecting Your Pitch banner

GIST TechConnect: Perfecting Your Pitch

Mar 16, 2018
Effectively presenting – or “pitching” – your idea to an audience is imperative to your success. Whether you are pitching to an investor, engaging a potential customer, or recruiting a potential partner, you must be able to convey your ideas in a clear and concise manner.
Bootstrapping Your Business – Tips and Tricks

GIST TechConnect: Bootstrapping Your Business – Tips and Tricks

Feb 13, 2018
Building your business cost effectively does not mean you must go it alone. What are the latest trends in this pared down, lean and mean approach to advancing your startup?
Starting Your Venture in Africa Banner

GIST TechConnect: First Steps: Starting Your Venture in Africa

Feb 07, 2018
Are you ready to launch your startup in Africa, but need some tips on how to get started? In this special TechConnect interactive webinar, an expert panel of entrepreneurs and investors will discuss important topics like finding funding, branding and marketing, partnerships, building your network, and more!
Diversity for Success in Business banner

GIST TechConnect: Diversity for Success in Business

Jan 26, 2018
Today’s entrepreneurs have a great opportunity to lead the way on business diversity initiatives, leveraging diversity in ways that support the growth of startups and businesses.

GIST TechConnect: Gamification – Making Your Product Engaging and Fun!

Dec 12, 2017
Gamification is the process of taking something – a website, an app, an online community – and using game play to motivate and engage customers, and keep them coming back for more. Businesses in the education, marketing, sales, energy and health sectors have used gamification to increase engagement, and many others can benefit from it too.
Branding and Marketing for Startups

GIST TechConnect: Getting Your Name Out There: Branding and Marketing for Startups

Oct 17, 2017
Your startup may offer a great product or service, but if you can't reach your target customer base, your startup is likely to fail. Effective branding and marketing is one of the many challenges early-stage startups face, largely due to limited resources and staff. 
How Universities Can Support Entrepreneurs

GIST TechConnect: How Universities Can Support Entrepreneurs

Sep 12, 2017
The number of universities providing support for aspiring entrepreneurs is growing worldwide. In recent years, universities have invested heavily in programs that provide education and training, for both faculty and students, on how to commercialize ideas and inventions developed on and off campus. In particular, these resources have proven to be extremely beneficial to individuals in the science and technology sectors.
Artificial Intelligence for Startups

TechConnect: Artificial Intelligence for Startups

Aug 08, 2017
Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming more impactful in the lives of everyday people. Whether it is ordering household products, conducting internet searches, playing music, providing weather forecasts, or any of the other hundreds of purposes AI can serve, people are becoming increasingly dependent on it to assist them with day-to-day activities. Entrepreneurs all over the world are also embracing the benefits AI can provide to their businesses by improving efficiency and making their products more user-friendly and accessible to consumers.
Angel Investing in Science & Tech Startups

GIST TechConnect: De-risking the Deal: Angel Investing in Science & Tech Startups

Jun 20, 2017
A live webchat featuring Marcia Dawood, a startup investment expert, who will answer your questions about how Angel investors can provide funding and also help with product development, market research, building a management team and developing a viable business model.
The Next Big Thing for Your Startup

GIST TechConnect: Blockchains - The Next Big Thing for Your Startup

May 09, 2017
What is a blockchain and why is it called a technological revolution that entrepreneurs need to know about? How can any entrepreneur start using blockchain for his or her startup?  Get answers on May 9 at 11:00am EDT/ 1500 UTC.  You’ll learn about this unique system of transactions that is decentralized, secure, and free - which means business like yours can profit!

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