BH Futures Foundation

We are BH Futures Foundation, founded in 2015 with a clear goal - to empower the youth of our country through leadership, education and technology. Around 70 scholars have gone through our Scholarship Program since its founding. Just in 2019 we took on 35 new scholars, our students did more than 40 internships and visited 12 different countries, we organized 3 Futures Academies for our students, organized or co-organized over 60 different events, opened a Makerspace and at the end we have grown to the largest mentorship program in the country with more than 200 students involved, developing their IT/STEM skills/careers.

Our first Makerspace was opened in Srebrenica, a small town in Eastern Bosnia. It was built there with the goal of enabling a prosperous and innovative future for the youth of this small community. This town is, sadly, best known for the genocide that happened there during the 90s war in Bosnia. We wanted to change that, to bring as many positive associations to the town as possible. And what better way than spurring innovation. We plan on having 25 Makerspaces opened until 2025, together with industry representatives and our partners.

Besides Makerspaces and proactively working on nurturing the next generation of Bosnia's startup founders and entrepreneurs, we also work on honing the skills of current founders, through organizing and co-organizing webinars, competitions, networking events and many other activities. Our biggest upcoming projects are - mapping the entire Bosnia's startup ecosystem for better integration of stakeholders and supporting the initiative for the creation of the first Angel Investors Network. Beside these, we will also be hosting a series of webinars from July until December, covering the most important topics for founding a startup.

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