Koperasi Pro Belia Inovatif Sarawak Berhad (Co No. Q40891), also known as KOBIS, is an established social enterprise in Sarawak which provides a platform for youth development based on the concept of youth, for the youth and by the youth where the youth are able to solve problems and create opportunities for local community. It is dedicated to promote and realize high-impact activities in line with the taste of today's youth. We advocate immense participation in youth development agenda, and fostering and building dynamic and innovative Sarawak youth.


Website: www.kobis.my

Location: Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


A Closer Look at Kobis

KOBIS actively engaged with young entrepreneurs especially in Sarawak throughout this Borneo region to have more engagement among each other, more connected among each others. What we really want people to know about us is actually the capacity and the opportunity that we have to help entrepreneurs in innovative segment solution. KOBIS can help in collaborated with the entrepreneurs to achieved their goal, to increase their road to success by having more innovative & strategic solutions support especially on business engagement.

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