Spark Startup Center

The main objectives of the Spark Startup Center are to:

  • promote the comprehensive development of young scientists
  • create material and other conditions for the development and dissemination of modern educational methods of training professionals at the international level
  • implement scientific and educational programs, projects, and activities, specifically for Ukrainian youth
  • strengthen ties between young scientists and the scientific and pedagogical staff of the university satisfy and protect the public, in particular, the economic, social, educational, scientific, cultural, and creative interests of its members.
  • provide grant opportunities
  • participate in educational, scientific, cultural, and social competitions
  • promote the search for and implementation of new forms of international cooperation in the field of education, science, and technology
  • assist in the organization of activities related to the publishing and implementation of educational, scientific, and methodological literature
  • collaborate with other public organizations, communities, individuals, and research institutions to achieve these objective


Social Media

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