Kytabu Inc.

Kytabu is an android application for phones and tablets that enables teachers and students to rent curriculum textbooks using mobile money. The digital textbooks are preloaded onto a server then books are divided into chapters, and those chapters divided into topics. The fractured content is linked to individual animations and audio files that reduce the dependence of learners on teachers. The additional ability to leases the fractured content for either an hour, day, week, month or school term, reduces the cost and data costs of the content by as much as 72%, and in some cases, by 1/1000 of the original price. Users of Kytabu can be tracked and usage metrics are as specific as who used which content, for how long and where they were. This helps measure the users' growth, improve the content and close the feedback loop between the content creator and the end-user. This is a never-before-seen interaction between content consumers in desperate situations and content creators.





Startup Stage


Number of Employees

11 to 25

Year Founded


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