The Rocket & Satellite Company

The Rocket & Satellite Company is the Pakistan's 1st private Space company (Startup). 

The company will offer the solution for the two major Space issues which are, 
i) Space Debris (Solution will reduce the risk of Satellite and Spacecraft's in-Space collision due to Space debris) 
ii) In-Orbits Satellite Servicing to increase the multi-million Satellite's life. The Solution will save the millions $ of Space based companies).

Focus to provide the low cost Space technology and to provide the solution for the major issue which is the Space debris by combined use of artificial intelligence (AI) and Space tech. 

Also will address the in-orbit servicing to increase the Satellite life in Space. The company is providing platform for Scientists, engineers, professionals and students to offer their skills and sever the Space industries and provide the best solutions for the betterment of humanity.





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