Startup Resources: Product Market Fit

Startup Resources: Product Market Fit

September 15, 2020

We know how important your time is to you and your startup. That's why we are condensing some of our most popular GIST TechConnects into shorter formats. These shorter videos contain the best of each episode, distilled down to the most relevant points. You can still watch the full episodes in our TechConnect archive


Determining product market fit has been identified as a first step to building a successful venture, particularly as investors are increasingly attuned to whether a startup’s business model has evaluated whether there is a fit for the startup’s product to the market.

Steve Blank (Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford), Donna Harris (Co-Founder of 1776), and Blake Stevens (Sr. Associate at Harris & Harris Group) speak with moderator Kerry Rupp (Strategy and Innovation Consultant) on this topic. 


Key topics:

  • Defining "product market fit"
  • Examples of common mistakes 
  • How do you know if your idea is a good fit for a specific market?
  • What does the customer actually care about?
  • How do you know when you have enough data from customers to know you hace good product market fit?
  • What skills are needed to perform product market fit research?


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