We are a tech, logistics and financial services company
Draper Startup House is a global network of spaces, services, education, and investment. We also operate our own fund as Draper Startup House Ventures. We are a unit of the Draper Venture Network.
A social Entrepreneurship based on intelligent applications in order to demonstrate the appropriate places for the disabled.
Multi-functional machine for processing “soft” materials (wood, brass, aluminium), producing plastic details and laser graving.
PFMS has developed one of the Best Poultry Farm Management Software App. This easy-to-use technology enables poultry farmers to manage every aspect of their farm wherever they are. The Farm Management Software App instantly detects diseases on the farm and connects with veterinarians to diagnose and treat animal illnesses. The Batch manager helps farmers to monitor sales, expenses, vaccination, egg collection, mortality, daily feeding, and more. It notifies the farmer at each time vaccination and feeding should be done for proper farm management. With this poultry management software, farmer bridge the access to the market gap by selling their products in real-time to urban consumers
Tu Consejeria is an affordable communications tool (chat and video) that allows underserved population to have access to psychological support in real time and confidentially with mental health professionals.
Ukr-Techno is working toward the establishment of the industrial production of modular breakwater-power plants for generation of electricity and cheap autonomous desalination of sea water.

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