Sustainability Startup wins first place at the GIST Startup Training Argentina

Sustainability Startup wins first place at the GIST Startup Training Argentina

June 13, 2019

Box Synergy won first place in the Startup Training program for science and technology entrepreneurs from Argentina. The team won $2,000 USD.

Box Synergy designs creative, innovative and sustainable products. The products provide safe water, electricity, connectivity and thermal sources for heat water and cooking, where services do not reach. Box Synergy developed autonomous, self-sustaining, resilient, versatile and portable conceptions. Their differential factor is the synergy, as a concept that allows us to move towards the future, to minimize the environmental impact and maximize the social impact, to generate more with less.

Second place went to Arbacia, who won $1,000 USD. Arbacia performs sea urchin aquaculture for biotechnological purposes, producing antioxidants, lipids, and gastronomic products. 

The Spirit of GIST award went to Innomy. The startup uses enzymes and bioproducts to improve industrial and agricultural processes.

This training provided entrepreneurs with the skills and tools to develop their business models and grow their ventures.  

Participants spent four days honing their business ideas, perfecting their pitches, and showcasing their innovations during a Demo Day in front of business leaders, investors, academics and policy makers.  

The GIST Startup Training is one of several programs by the GIST Initiative that supports entrepreneurs from more than 130 emerging economies. GIST is the U.S. Department of State flagship science and technology entrepreneurship program. To learn more about the GIST Initiative, click here

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