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iceaddis, established in May 2011, is the first innovation hub & co-creation space in Ethiopia. Our main intervention is to provide incubation services for technology oriented startups. We work on youth-driven private sector initiatives and facilitate constructive interaction between techies, entrepreneurs, investors and people from the creative industries.s

Abamilki Integrated Waste Management and Greenary solution

Abamilki modern waste management and greenery enterprise is founded in 2014 in Ethiopia ,a city called Jimma with an objective of creating public awarness on urban waste management and engage in modern waste recycling and thereby make the environment green through creating employment for the needy ones.The enterprise evolves in 1.Public awareness in urban wast management and disposal 2.Urban waste collection 3.Urban waste recycling 4.Greena


Adrasha's navigation system is designed to be used by businesses, the public, as well as government entities, significantly reducing travel/transit time. Furhtermore, Adrasha's location information for businesses, houses, facilities, tourist attractions or anything in the city is an addition to public welfare. All users can benefit in finding commercial and public services as well as driving navigation to POIs needed, with real-time traffic information. These services are available on the web and as mobile applications.

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