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Entrepreneurs are unaware of resources available for startup founders and getting seed investment is one of the pains that exist in Azerbaijan. Approximately 120 prototypes have been developed with SUP's assistance. They have helped more than 300 entrepreneurs grow their projects directly or indirectly.


Here are some examples of dangers on texting, messaging while walking: Bumping into walls. Falling down stairs. Stepping into traffic. It’s happening more often these days and for one overwhelming reason. People just can’t seem to walk down a street without doing something with their mobile device. Our idea will help people to stay safe while performing something on their mobile phones.


Using the wEC during the cycling you can get energy from small wind speed with small portable wind turbine .It is a small and double motor device will give double energy in one direction and it is not just for cyclist , also campers ,biker,who go by caravan and lives in tower blocks and windy places .With that you can easily charge  your phone ,you will set wEC to your bike ,during the moving ,device can use the wind energy and counter reflective force thus the producing electric will be 2 times faster than normal wind turbines.


We are selling image storing and processing service.This service costs less and decreases usage of materials, server resources, space, energy


“Kubirub” is an interactive 3D mobile game which has been created by the company of “Teching”. Even though at first glance it looks like the general idea is just online version of the traditional Rubik’s Cube hand toy, but indeed it has a lot of different features which will make you addicted to this game The main distinctive feature of our Rubik’s Cube is that it holds logos of companies on its sides instead of colors and getting just one side of the Rubik’s Cube completed is enough to make players gain coupons and discounts from the chosen company. The companies will be able to manage all information about their coupons, activity status, sale strategies of the company's mobile gaming platform, brand or product promotion. People are usually looking for discounts in stores. By means of our unified system, people will be able to get and apply discounts themselves. Companies nowadays as a result of technology development consider giving their quotes via quizzes more enjoyable rather than simply offering discounts to their customers. Users can improve their mental skills by “Kubirub" because it provides them with required information and helps them to meet their material needs. This innovative product, where ability to develop mental skills and fulfill material needs at the same time, are merged in one convenient mobile application is created as a source to make a life of our users easier.


Some people feel good when they make shopping, some people feel happy when they make donations. We offer not to spend or not donate but Spendonate your money. Spendonate is mobile app which allows you to make donations while making your daily shopping at our partners' shops or restaurants. User spends money, makes photo and shares what he/she purchased in any social network and gets his/her donation points which can be used for donation for saving human beings or nature. We also offer to plant tree with your name on it and give GPS coordinates and you can visit your tree anytime you want. No matter how user uses donation points, we offer to share this action in social networks too.

Spendonate team believes that this solution will attract more people and companies to donation for natural and environmental issues. Besides being useful for society, we will support companies to apply their CSR policies, CRM relations of partner vendors and support government policies in environmental issues. We would like to attract attention to social an environmental issues and make the process smooth rather than "screaming out". We do not want people to spend extra time and money for donation, rather make happy them and others by simple making shopping.

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