Mon, 05/31/2021 - 14:38
Getting Your Startup Funded: a Q&A with StringersHub founder Yakau Buta

StringersHub is a marketplace that connects stringers and news media buyers with real-time and viral video content from all around the world. Its founder, Yakau Buta, was a participant in the 2019 GIST Business Incubation program that brought innovators from around the world to work in small groups with U.S. incubators and accelerators. 

Thu, 08/27/2020 - 09:56
GIST Innovation Talks Episode 4: Ecosystem Building

This episode of GIST Innovation Talks dives into ecosystem building with the founder of SIZZLESCIENCE, Murali Prasad. SIZZLESCIENCE was the in-country partner for the GIST Investors Malaysia programs and serves as the GIST Innovation Hub for Malaysia. As an innovator and angel investor, Murali Prasad has seen firsthand how important a healthy ecosystem can be to supporting entrepreneurs and investors. VentureWell program officer, Samer Yousif, leads this discussion through both high level and more specific solutions to building a thriving startup ecosystem.


Tue, 08/25/2020 - 13:51
GIST TechConnect Tips


Fri, 11/08/2019 - 09:29
Behind the Scenes of the Inaugural GIST Business Incubation Program

As part of the new GIST Business Incubation program, nearly 30 innovative science and technology entrepreneurs representing startups from emerging economies have been working at 10 U.S.-based incubators to learn how to expand their businesses into the United States market. The entrepreneurs have also been making connections with key ecosystem stakeholders, refining their business ideas, building their business plans, and conducting customer discovery. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some program activities.

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