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Fri, 11/20/2020 - 21:49
GIST Innovation Hub, UTEC Ventures, on Building Community and Engaging Innovators
In our ongoing series highlighting the work that GIST Innovation Hubs are doing to support their innovation ecosystems, we spoke with UTEC Ventures about their recent programs that engage and empower innovators in Peru.


Technology company that builds a brand-new relationship between medical devices and people through user experience.


En ViaSoluciones Brindamos servicios de clase mundial en tecnologías de aplicaciones móviles (APPS) y datos abiertos (open data) para diversas entidades en Datos Abiertos, Servicios, APPS Moviles, Open Data, Smart Cities



XCOOLY helps parents to address the lack of time and money to improve their children's learning. Connecting students and tutors in real time, through a virtual whiteboard, anytime and anywhere.

Card Bot

Card BOT es una línea de robots hechos de cartón con el fin de que los niños del Perú tengan la experiencia de armar uno, motivando su curiosidad para así plantearse retos y resolver problemas del mundo real.


Delivery on-demand de comida de restaurantes a casas u oficinas (en tus manos). Si tu restaurante favorito no hace delivery, nosotros te lo llevamos a tu casa u oficina.


The smart way to find the doctor you need, referred by your friends and contacts. Find a verified doctor searching by medical specialty, health condition or symptom, medical procedure, location and more. You won't need to ask everyone around again, find doctors referred by your trusted contacts now.

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