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Infermal Energy

Project designed to install solar power panels in a highly sunny environment in Podgorica, Montenegro, which has about 2200 sun hours per year. Looking for funding or a coowner to start a business that returns about 18% annually. Unlimited growing potential, and a first in the market of solar power in Montenegro.

City Beep

In today's fast paced life, we are surrounded with many opportunities, and preoccupied with daily duties, so it is difficult to follow everything that interests us and keep up with the best social events in the city. To solve this problem, we have designed an informative application that will let you look at all the events that interest you. Whether it's traveling, theatre, performance, conference, movie premiere, or opening of a new restaurant in the city, you'll have an overview of all of these events in one place in your phone. City Beep gives you the opportunity to look at events, to save those you like the most, and for those you want to attend to book a place.


“MyTree” is an urban green platform allowing people from all over the world to improve and maintain a clean, green and healthy environment through usage of modern technologies. It creates a virtual ecosystem, acts as a binding element between citizens and local authorities and serves as an educator on the environment. My tree helps create greener urban landscapes; enables an easy and smooth connection between the local authorities and their citizens on the matter of the urban greenery; empowers everyone to take action to improve the environment; and increases the level of knowledge about urban greenery.

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