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C.A.T. Science Accelerator

This is the first initiative in Uzbekistan that is designed to create favorable conditions for creative ideas, with the aim of creating competitive innovations and world-class technologies. The goal of our center is to promote the development of the scientific ecosystem of Uzbekistan, where research, business, and education have joined together to develop sustainable solutions to social problems.



Designing and development of a highly efficient free-flow hydraulic turbine. These hydro turbines can be used to supply electricity to remote undeveloped areas and/or to pump water to irrigated lands without using electrical and diesel pumps.

The Pixme

The following project is a mosaic social network. Its advantage is in the fact, that all people’s photos appear on the screen immediately, despite the fact whether the person has subscribed on these people or knows them. PIXME – time- killer. Its target is users in the age group of 12-29. Definitely, the site can and will be visited by older people, however, we initially target the youth. Currently, mainly the youth have time, which they wish to waste on social networks and willingness to show off and share photos.


Hello, this is a Workis project team. Workis a job marketplace that helps peple find jobs thru instant messengers. A year ago our team decided to create a simple online platform that would help people find jobs using instant messengers. We developed a code that allows assessing the job candidates for positions and them find matching jobs. People use various channels to communicate, and @Workisbot is helping them effectively use channels to find jobs. Currently, we are at a stage of searching the seed funding to strengthen our innovative service and to expand it to Russia and neighboring states. The Workis service is currently up and running. It effectively helping people in Uzbekistan. We have some small income from fees that our service generates from corporate clients, employers but it is not sufficient to let us move forward in the product development. I will be happy to answer your questions on the phone +79167046376 Shahruh

ProfyLab Studio

ProfyLab Studio - digital marketing company offers wide range of digital marketing services including web development, social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design and video marketing. Due to high economic growth, increasing number of small businesses and changing consumer buying behavior and business models, there's high demand for digital marketing services in Uzbekistan. Nowadays, there's lack of digital marketing services in the region.

*Our website is under construction


The Agrota'minot project is the closest contributor to entrepreneurs. In other words, the project is a useful tool for entrepreneurs, especially for business and restaurant business people. Once the project has been completed, all the problems associated with the delivery of agricultural products will be eliminated.


Innovation biolaboratory INNO LAB LLC . Our main goal is to assist in obtaining environmentally friendly agricultural products that comply with norms and standards of food safety, without the use of carcinogens containing chemicals that contribute to the development of cancerous tumors of the population.

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