Tech 4 Peace

Our Vision:

Achieve peace and stability by being an end to the circulation of lies in mainstream and social media across the Middle East, primarily in Iraq.


Our Mission:

Building awareness through collaboration efforts in campaigns and training seminars with the aim to making everyone Tech4Peace while creating opportunities and putting ourselves out of a job.


Our Slogan:
Our slogan is “It ends with us…” – referring to lies, violence, sectarianism, civil war, instability, corruption, hate, blackmailing, personal attacks, etc… as all these issues are sparked by rumors and the spread of lies – and our key objective is exposing lies.


Our Core Values:

Nonpartisan, Peace, Awareness, Truth, Tolerance


Our Values:

Transparency, Technology, Trust, Security, Creating Opportunities


Our Operation – Online & Offline:


Online, we work through Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube – our largest user following is on Facebook with over 370,000 followers (almost entirely organic). We operate with the help of 21 volunteers between Iraq, Canada, USA & Italy (all have official training certificates from Tech 4 Peace). They are separated into 5 groups (Admins, Investigations, Translation, Comments, Design) – the workflow is distributed through the groups and executed accordingly.

On the front end of things, we expose fake news & verify news that lacks proper sources or is unclear. Behind the scenes, we find profiles, pages & groups which spread sectarianism or violence and we report them and have the social media platform shut them down.


Our work focuses on establishing grounds for reconciliation between different sects and divisions in Iraq while achieving unity and tolerance. We also do our best in diffusing political tensions between Iraq and other Countries, for example, we try to expose any fake news that is spread about the coalition collaborating with ISIS – our followers hold us to high esteem and trust us.


Offline, we have started offering training seminars and plan to focus much more on this. Our training seminars are cover three separate objectives.

  1. Beginner Training  – Training individuals to be Tech 4 Peace on their personal page
    1. Train individuals on the basics verifying validity of news by using tools such as… (google image search,, amnesty international, Youtube DataViewer,,, snopes, profiling credible sources, strategic search of keywords, etc…).
    2. To first verify the validity of posts before sharing, commenting or liking posts, then comment on friend’s profile or page with sources verifying or falsifying news.
    3. Criteria for which sources are considered verified.
  2. Contributor Training – Training individuals to become active contributors in pages like Tech 4 Peace (example: government pages, embassy pages, other fact checking pages like tech 4 peace).
    1. A more in-depth training on how to use news verification tools effectively.
    2. Criteria for which sources are considered verified.
    3. Identify which reports will have high engagement and suitably impact your target.
    4. Social media management training.
    5. 15 day internship collaboration with tech 4 peace – minimum contribution required to get internship certificate with successful execution of research, etc…
  3. Operator Training – Training individuals to establish a page like Tech 4 Peace (either for gov’t org, or as a normal fact checking organization).
    1. As above (including internship) +…
    2. Identify specific niche categories that require fact checking – encouraging fact checking pages that cover specific categories exclusively (ex: terrorism, tech, government, sports, etc…)
    3. How to structure and organize/distribute tasks so that the page runs smoothly and over a long period of time.
    4. Tech 4 Peace admin will monitor and coach new page development as an editor (included with training package) – tech4peace will do all in its power to make the new page a success
    5. This is our key focus from among the training programs as our mission is to make our page unneeded as a result of the awareness we are building.





Startup Stage


Number of Employees

11 to 25

Year Founded


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