I would like to present new consept of wave energy converter and I'm afraid that this is the world's first effective wave energy converter as tests shows

There is next important milestone, confirming the device operates under load.

Based on our trials, the prototype can generate a force of approximately from 100W with 30 cm wave height  to 4kw with a 1m wave.
This can be used to generate electricity and operate of desalination plant.
These results were achieved with a prototype in test design and own money. With higher quality parts and manufacture, we are very confident we can achieve excellent efficiency.
Our goal is to produce a modular scalable system that solve three key needs of small island communities:
1. Sustainable electricity generation
2. Cost effective generation of freshwater
3. Reduction of wave energy and erosion of the shoreline


To commercialize technology, we need to do quite a bit, but in the end we can become pioneers in the market and with all the pleasant consequences.





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