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Britto Communication & Logistics Service

BCLS a service agency working in the area of advertising and event management.

EcoFaire Enterprises, Inc. dba Green Civil Defense Network

The EcoFaire Institute will bring Government, Labor, Veterans, Military, Education and Business Leaders together to formulate a Debit & Credit System to deal with the Carbon Tax and Climate...

Palma Group Limited

A social Entrepreneurship enterprise that supports sustainable community development initiatives in the sectors of Agriculture, supplies and logistics, construction and financial services. We scout...


BRAC, an international development organisation based in Bangladesh, is the largest non-governmental development organisation in the world


Core bussines on development of technology management systems. The analisys of innovation projects and procurement of financial sources of mexican goverment programs

Chicken 4all Ltd

Chicken 4all Ltd is a privately owned company formed in mid 2013 to respond to the recurrent problems of malnutrition and unemployment in Burundi. Chicken 4all Ltd is headquartered in Rukobe, Itaba...

xCube International Corp.

As an innovative IoT and Smart City & Mobility solution provider, xCube Int. has developed xCube electronic device designed to be used as inexpensive building block of Smart City of the Future....

Hermit Bee

Tech Magazine

Let's do It! Libya

The Movement Let's do It! Libya, Libyan branch of the International Movement Let's do It! World

Smart Fab Lab

Smart Fab Lab (SFL) is the first fab lab in Bulgaria. It is hosted at the Laboratory for Urban Design (, which is a working space at the backyard of...


Educall is a social entreprise which aims to improve education for all ages students through a new educational approach and creates job opportunities for university students and new graduates.


An interdisciplinary approach towards sustainable development and climate change

First Jobs

First Jobs is a career accelerator and an online platform in Nigeria that helps fresh graduates to be job ready while connecting employers to fresh graduates with the right skills set

5 Star Stoves

We provide clean energy to the energy poor, serviced by our vertically integrated bio energy value chain.


Our background - In the past 20 years we have participated in the creation and development of several international companies, some of which have undergone mergers or acquisitions. The...

KITE - Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship

KITE is an undergrad university ecosystem of interdisciplinary education, applied knowledge and entrepreneurship.

Girl Child Concerns (GCC)

GCC is a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Nigeria dedicated to improving the lives of youth, particularly girls through improved education opportunities.

Centro Internacional de Gestión para el Desarrollo CIDES

NGO dedicated to promotion, execution and contribution to community development in Central America.

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) is the premier Postgraduate Medical Institution of the country. It bears the heritage to Institute of Postgraduate Medical Research (IPGMR) which...


Education Online Ecuador (Eol3Ec) is a social entrepreneur that aims to reduce the second gap digital by promoting; #TutoresDigitales formation, creating virtual high school courses and distance and...

Desihost Solutions Limited

Desihost Solutions Ltd is an ICT Consultancy firm focused on : 1. I.T. Project Management and Consultancy, as a B2B approach. 2. Web Hosting with Cloud Based Services as a B2C approach. We...

Central Park Bees Limited

CENTRAL PARK BEES LIMITED is a professional beekeeping company, which is working on development of beekeeping and honey industry in Tanzania. We specialize in conducting beekeeping practical...

Youth Network for Reform (YONER-LIBERIA)

Youth Network for Reform (YONER- LBERIA) is a Legal Youth Development NGO in Liberia. YONER LIBERIA was founded on February 4, 2008 and incorporated on August 20, 2010 as a Youth Development NGO...

Creative Cafe

Creative Café is a social space offering young people accessibility to Non formal education, Co-working space and services supporting them in career and personal development. Creative Cafe is social...

Zixtech Organization

Zixtech Organization is primarily involved in Capacity building, promoting Entrepreneurship, ICT,community development, Volunteerism, Fundraising and alleviating poverty amongst youths, training,...

ION Telecom & Technology

ION is a company in the field of telecom and technology providing vast range of services for both local and international markets

Leaper Innovate Green Energies "LiGE"

The Problem: Making Renewable Energy Won't Matter If We Can't Store It!!! LiGE makes a Compressed Air Energy Storage System that stores the energy produced! Unlike batteries, we do...

Delisser Solutions Panamá

Brindo Servicio de Soporte Técnico informática en Panamá, registro de espacio en hosting, Levantamiento de texto si no tienes tiempo de hacer tus investigaciones de la universidad y/o tesis,...

Moepelorse Bio Resources Nigeria

Start-up company for the production, sales and distribution of health and environment friendly bio-pesticides of plant origin.