We view oceans as a key pillar of American leadership, diplomacy, and scientific cooperation, and as a vital platform for the prosperity, peace, and security of this and future generations. We fulfill this mission by empowering science and technology innovators around the world, and have worked to uplift ocean innovators since our founding. From rural pollution solutions in Malaysia to ocean plastics recycling for health solutions in Mozambique, GIST has centered innovators who are finding ways to utilize the ocean for the innovation of tomorrow, proving that prosperity and preservation are two sides of the same coin. 

Learn more about the key role of ocean innovation in the mission of GIST, and join us as we work to elevate and empower the global innovators at the forefront of building ocean health and prosperity for today and for future generations. 

Ocean Series Events

GIST TechConnect: Elevating Diverse Voices in Ocean Advocacy and Innovation
GIST Oceans Series Masterclass: Fast Fashion To Ocean Action
GIST Startup Pitch Showcase for Innovative Water Solutions

Why Ocean Innovation Matters

Ocean Innovation is more important than ever. According to the
The High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy:


Increased global food production with responsibility managed oceans by 2050.

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Greenhouse gas emissions reductions the ocean can contribute to meeting the Paris Agreement climate goals by 2050.

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The ocean absorbs 93% of heat caused by human activity globally.

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$24 Trillion

Net Asset Value of a Healthy Global Ocean

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GIST Ocean Innovators

Marta Uetela, BioMec | Mozambique

BioMec designs and produces high performance prosthetics from ghost fish nets and PET bottles collected from the sea. BioMec's goal is to create more and better access to prosthetics in Mozambique, a country where 90% of amputees don't have access to the prosthetics they need.

Selen Senal, ALGBIO | Turkey

ALGBIO treats industrial wastewater and flue gasses with microalgae and produces carbon negative biofuels (biogas, biojet/rocket fuel, bioethanol,biodiesel) and algal bioplastic from these wastes

Rituparna Das, Hydrotec Solutions | India

Hydrotec has designed a smart water ATM Kiosk that purifies and dispenses clean drinking water to communities with limited access on pay per use basis, using sustainable energy. 

Rafeah Mustafa Kamal & Rahinah Ibrahim, Oceanori | Malaysia

OceaNori has created an independent sewage treatment plant for rural communities that do not have centralized sewage collection and treatment. The treatment plant is one of the smallest on the market, easily transportable by boat, can fit underneath the toilets of rural water-based communities and treats sewage to meet the specs of Malaysia’s National Water Services Commission.

Oceans Series | Resources 

The Next Wave of Innovation is Blue

Welcome to the blue economy! Learn more as we kick-off our Oceans Series with a deep dive into the emerging blue economy and what it means for innovators and founders all over the globe. 

Transforming the Ocean, One Village at a Time

Meet Rahinah Ibrahim, an extraordinary innovator working to eliminate point-source pollution, one village at a time. We got the chance to gain some amazing insight from her experiences, from navigating engineering challenges, working with stakeholders, to the unique contributions women and girls, and communities all over the world, can make towards building a better blue future.

Your Place in the New Blue Economy

Do you have a great idea, but aren’t sure if it has a part to play in ocean innovation? Do you want to get started, but are worried you won’t know how to make your ocean innovation succeed?

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