About GIST TechConnect

  • GIST TechConnects are live webinars in which a panel of experts and thought-leaders discuss topics of importance to early-stage, science and technology innovators from across the globe.  
  • Viewers of TechConnects can ask questions directly to the panel of speakers through an accompanying chat-space next to the TechConnect video.
  • TechConnects are regularly live-translated into French and Spanish to ensure that viewers from across the globe can engage and benefit from the program.
  • GIST TechConnects provides entrepreneurs around the world with direct access to leading U.S. experts from business and academia, but without the travel and other related costs. 
  • Young science and technology entrepreneurs can engage with experts and the larger GIST community to learn about best business practices and startup resources.
  • In addition to the panel of experts answering questions, there is a Chatspace Expert responding to all questions and comments made in the chatspace - providing insights, sharing critical resources, and enabling conversation among innovators across the globe.


Why you should host a viewing group and promote the TC’s to your network:

  • Increased Knowledge: Innovators from across the globe get unparalleled access to experts to answer their burning questions about building and growing a startup.  From how to raise an investment, to understanding marketing best practices, innovators can gain important insights and knowledge.  
  • Connecting to broader GIST network: You’ll be able to connect to the broader global GIST network and get access to additional resources, such as GIST Pitch Competitions, GIST Startup Trainings, and access to the entire GIST TechConnect video library.
  • Engaging your local ecosystem: Hosting a viewing group is also a great opportunity to engage your community's innovators--viewing groups often host a local speaker series or event in tandem with the GIST TechConnect, to capitalize on having all of your innovators together.
  • Exposure to GIST community: Photos of viewing groups are highlighted at the end of each live TechConnect, which is watched by viewers across the globe.


If you have questions about GIST programming please send us an email at [email protected].

Past TechConnect Webinars

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GIST TechConnect: Elevating Diverse Voices in Ocean Advocacy and Innovation

Jun 27, 2022
GIST invited several of the ocean’s most outspoken advocates to share their journeys to creating movements that have begun to protect our ocean. They provided insight on how innovators can incorporate sustainable practices into their startups or ideas. These diverse lead​ers are bringing awareness and innovative change to their communities by pioneering for the protection of our ocean to secure the future of life for us all. 
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GIST TechConnect: The Future of Innovation is Deep Tech

Nov 10, 2021
Deep Tech. It is a flashy term used too often without a good understanding of the actual meaning. However, in the coming decade, this term will have greater and greater impact on our society and the environment. In fact, Deep Tech has already made huge impacts on our everyday lives.
GIST TechConnect Banner Develop your roadmap to success

GIST TechConnect: Develop Your Roadmap to Startup Success!

Aug 19, 2021
Here at GIST, we are constantly evolving to meet the ever changing needs of innovators all over the world. We know that these are unprecedented times and thus we are working around the clock to bring you the resources you really need to succeed. To further accomplish this, for this quarter’s TechConnect we have partnered with a dynamic GIST Innovation Hub, our in-country resource hubs for entrepreneurs, to help you develop a tried-and-true roadmap to startup success!
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GIST TechConnect: Empowering Cleantech Startups

May 19, 2021
Cleantech solutions are leading the way toward a more sustainable world while also creating jobs and improving economies. Cleantech holds enormous opportunities. Innovators coming out of the lab are finding exciting new possibilities to address issues such as water security, deforestation, energy efficiency, agriculture, and carbon sequestration. Join our panel of cleantech experts as we explore the various ways early-stage cleantech innovators can best leverage resources to grow in this field.
Building a Startup

GIST TechConnect: Building a Startup From the Ground Up

Mar 09, 2021
There are many approaches to launching and growing a successful venture. Clearing the hurdles on your path to success—from developing the idea for your solution, to determining product/market fit, to overcoming gender bias — can be daunting. We’ll sit down with a group of impactful entrepreneurs who will share the strategies, best practices, and tips that early-stage innovators can use to set them on a path to growth and success.
Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Startups

GIST TechConnect: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Advance Your Startup

Nov 17, 2020
AI has promised so much but is it delivering for everyone? Big corporations have been leveraging AI to great benefit, but how can smaller companies and especially early-stage startups benefit from the AI revolution?
Global Healthcare Innovations Banner

GIST TechConnect: Global Healthcare Innovation

Aug 25, 2020

The spotlight on healthcare innovation has never been more intense and urgent as it is today.

GIST TechConnect Emerging Trends in Startup Investment Banner

GIST TechConnect: Emerging Trends in Startup Investing

May 14, 2020

Across the globe, early-stage investment has grown exponentially. The investment ecosystem is evolving and becoming much more sophisticated, which has had an increasingly positive impact on science and technology-based startups.

GIST TechConect Corporations Banner

GIST TechConnect: Startups and Corporations - Strategic Partnership and Investments

Feb 19, 2020

Large corporations play an integral part in the startup ecosystem. For newly launched startups, corporations can be potential customers, R&D partners, manufacturers, investors, competitors, and of course, acquirers.

Global Investment Trends and Best Practices banner

GIST TechConnect: Global Investment Trends and Best Practices

Nov 20, 2019

When it comes to science and technology startups, innovation knows no boundaries. As trade and technology make the world more interconnected, investors are continually looking to maximize their returns by investing across borders.

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