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GIST Innovation Talks is a monthly podcast exploring relevant topics for early-stage STEM innovators from around the world. Hosts and guests are industry experts in areas such as startup ecosystem building, early-stage financing, launching and scaling new ventures, fintech, agtech, edtech, healthtech and more. 


Episode 1 Leadership for Today

28 May, 2020
Steven Rodriguez hosts lean launch strategist Helder Sebastiao in this deep dive into tools innovators can use today to weather current market trends.  

Episode 2 The Creative Mindset

25 June, 2020
Genesis Lodise hosts InnovatorsBox founder Monica Kang in a discussion on how early-stage innovators can use the creative mindset as a decision-making tool.

Episode 3 Global Investment Trends: Latin America

21 July, 2020
Samer Yousif hosts Portfolia lead investor Juliana Garaizar in an exploration of the recent and emerging investment trends in Latin America.

Episode 4 Ecosystem Building

31 August, 2020
Samer Yousif explores ecosystem building with Murali Prasad, the founder of SIZZLESCIENCE, a GIST Innovation Hub based in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. 

Episode 5 Product Development

29 September, 2020
Genesis Lodise discusses product development strategies with Tugboat's head of business development, Jaden Johnston. 

Episode 6 Team Building

30 October, 2020
We explore one of the most fundamental aspects of early-stage innovation--team building--with our guest Ivy Schultz, director of entrepreneurship at Columbia Engineering.

Episode 7 Lean Startup

14 December, 2020
Learn about one of the most effective structures for building a solution--the Lean Startup process with Grant Warner, director of innovation at Howard University.



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