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GIST Innovation Talks is a monthly podcast exploring relevant topics for early-stage STEM innovators from around the world. Hosts and guests are industry experts in areas such as startup ecosystem building, early-stage financing, launching and scaling new ventures, fintech, agtech, edtech, healthtech and more. 


Episode 1 Leadership for Today

28 May, 2020
Steven Rodriguez hosts lean launch strategist Helder Sebastiao in this deep dive into tools innovators can use today to weather current market trends.  

Episode 2 The Creative Mindset

25 June, 2020
Genesis Lodise hosts InnovatorsBox founder Monica Kang in a discussion on how early-stage innovators can use the creative mindset as a decision-making tool.

Episode 3 Global Investment Trends: Latin America

21 July, 2020
Samer Yousif hosts Portfolia lead investor Juliana Garaizar in an exploration of the recent and emerging investment trends in Latin America.

Episode 4 Ecosystem Building

31 August, 2020
Samer Yousif explores ecosystem building with Murali Prasad, the founder of SIZZLESCIENCE, a GIST Innovation Hub based in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. 

Episode 5 Product Development

29 September, 2020
Genesis Lodise discusses product development strategies with Tugboat's head of business development, Jaden Johnston. 

Episode 6 Team Building

30 October, 2020
We explore one of the most fundamental aspects of early-stage innovation--team building--with our guest Ivy Schultz, director of entrepreneurship at Columbia Engineering.

Episode 7 Lean Startup

14 December, 2020
Learn about one of the most effective structures for building a solution--the Lean Startup process with Grant Warner, director of innovation at Howard University.

Episode 8 Ecosystem Building Part 2

19 January, 2021
We sit down with Igor Madzov of Startup Macedonia to talk about ecosystem building in young economies, the stakeholders involved, the importance of mentoring programs, and how to expand into the regional ecosystem.

Episode 9 Lab to Market

25 February, 2021
Christina Pellicane, VP of Business Development for Lignolix, details bringing an innovation out of a lab and into the market. Issues include transferable skills, building your team, intellectual property, and mentors. 

Episode 10 Social Innovation

30 March, 2021
Khandle Hedrick leads this discussion with Kasia Weina of Evergreen Labs as we discuss what makes Social Innovation such an effective force and how to make this model work. 


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