GIST Community

The GIST Network community is comprised of a wide variety of entrepreneurial ecosystem members from Innovators, to Ecosystem Builders, to Investors, and Partners. GIST offers programs and resources for each of these primary audiences. 



"GIST Innovators"

By combining its online platform with on-the-ground partners, GIST creates education and training opportunities for young innovators in more than 130 countries around the world. Online programs like GIST TechConnect offer entrepreneurs in emerging economies the chance to learn from U.S. experts in entrepreneurship, investment and even technology. Similarly, GIST partnerships with startup incubators, including GIST Startup Trainings and GIST Innovation Hubs, promote in-country entrepreneurship networks, develop local role models and strengthen innovation ecosystems.

Resources for Innovators

GIST Business Incubation

GIST Pitch Competitions

GIST Innovates 

GIST Innovation Hubs

GIST Innovation Talks

GIST Mentor Match

GIST Resources

GIST Startup Trainings

GIST TechConnect

GIST Virtual Accelerator


Ecosystem Builders

"FAB LAB Mindanao"

Ecosystem Builders aim to bolster networking and entrepreneurial skills to build durable, long-term, supportive networks. The ultimate goal is to stimulate local entrepreneurial activity and ensure participants can grow their skills and scale their businesses together – both in their home country and through the GIST Network’s global connections.

Resources for Ecosystem Builders

GIST Innovation Hubs

GIST Innovation Talks

GIST TechConnect



"GIST Investors"

In order to create sustainable investment networks around the world, the GIST Investor Mobilization Training program – or GIST Investors – partners with in-country stakeholders in entrepreneurial ecosystems to bolster local financial support for startups. Through GIST Investors, GIST is able to bring American investment experts to different regions around the world. By doing so, GIST provides an opportunity for in-country investors and ecosystem actors to learn how to create and sustain investor networks for entrepreneurs. 

Resources for Investors

GIST Innovation Talks

GIST Investors

GIST Masterclass Series

GIST TechConnect



Since 2011, GIST has partnered with the private sector to reach over 27 million innovation community members globally. GIST catalyzes startup solutions that address economic and developmental challenges through networking, skills building, mentoring, and access to financing. GIST has provided training for over 15,000 startups who have gone on to generate over $250 million in revenue.  This is done through competitions, startup trainings, and interactive online programs, implemented by AAAS and VentureWell. If you would like to explore partnership opportunities please contact Alexis Lennon.



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