These Global Founders Are Ready to Take Their Ventures to the Next Level!

These Global Founders Are Ready to Take Their Ventures to the Next Level!

From Botswana to Brazil, GIST's Latest Business Incubation Cohort is Building A Better Future for Innovation Around the World

April 10, 2024

Our latest Business Incubation cohort is here–and it’s one of the most impressive we’ve seen yet! This flagship program is bringing innovators together from all over the world to Atlanta and Washington D.C., where they will be in residence for 6 weeks as they take their innovations to the next level. 

As an important part of the U.S. Department of State’s ongoing economic diplomacy efforts, GIST's Business Incubation has become a cornerstone of GIST’s programmatic offerings. It brings together the best science and technology innovators with American innovation know-how to hone business models, increase cross-market access, and create opportunities for collaboration. While in residence, entrepreneurs will make connections with the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and build business relationships for potential partners and investors. At the same time, GIST Business Incubation helps American businesses and ecosystem leaders gain awareness of global entrepreneurs, innovations, and markets.

Business Incubation programs, like we reviewed in our most recent article and Masterclass, can entirely change the course of a venture’s startup journey. Access to physical workspace, networking opportunities, university and academic research, cutting edge makerspaces–all of these things, and so much more, can send a startup, especially those in science and technology, all the way to the next level of success. It can empower an idea-stage venture, through customer discovery and business model development, to become something both viable and impactful.


As Miranda Williamson described in our latest Masterclass,

"Business incubators are designed to help early innovators create an achievable plan to take their product to market in addition to mentorship and investment opportunities, giving young companies access to logistical and technical resources as well as shared office space…  The goal is to give startups the tools and knowledge they need to stand on their own feet."


All of these benefits and more are available to this cohort of innovators thanks to a unique partnership between the GIST Initiative, VentureWell,–and Georgia Tech University. VentureWell, the primary implementing partner of the GIST Initiative, brings years of venture development expertise and a mission of fostering early-stage innovation to generate impactful improvements to the world. As one of the U.S.’s top universities, Georgia Tech University will be connecting these innovators not only with the vibrancy of Atlanta’s world class entrepreneurial community, but also with transformative advantages through dedicated workspaces, personalized one-on-one consultations with seasoned mentors, intellectual property and legal consultancy, and exclusive access to state-of-the-art Maker Space facilities.  

Like our groundbreaking 2023 Business Incubation program, this year’s cohort features a large Ukrainian contingent. This effort is part of the U.S.’s commitment to support the country in its economic growth and stability in the face of the challenges brought on by ongoing conflict. Last year’s Ukrainian innovators spent an extended stay in U.S. incubators and accelerators where they deepened their understanding of the American market and made important connections within their local ecosystems. We’re proud to have another opportunity to bring Ukrainian innovators into the American startup experience.

In addition to their jam-packed agenda in Atlanta, these innovators will spend nearly two weeks in Washington D.C. meeting directly with U.S. government leadership and sharing the future of not only their innovation journey, but that of the economies they represent. This exciting opportunity reaches its crescendo as they are invited to the SelectUSA Investment Summit, the highest profile event in the United States dedicated to facilitating business investment by connecting thousands of investors, companies, economic development organizations, and industry experts to make deals happen. This event can totally change the trajectory of these innovators' ventures, and we are thrilled to be able to enable them to be a part of it. 

All of this and more will kick off as these innovators begin their journey on May 13th–learn about each of them below, and be sure to follow along as their adventure begins! 

Meet the Innovators!

Ariuntuya Altangerel | Mongolia 

Neolingo is a language-learning mobile application that has developed an innovative linguistic system called Puzzle-block. This technique allows learners to master culturally diverse languages twice as fast, using only five types of blocks to be assembled in a novel learning approach. 

The Makers Global
Nevindaree Premarathne | Sri Lanka     
The Makers Global is an ed-tech company that aims to inspire and empower young minds to become innovators through hands-on STEM learning. They offer subscription-based courses that deliver a box full of curiosity every month to children aged 4-16, along with access to an online platform and personalized coaching sessions to stimulate all the senses of a child so that they can enjoy learning. Each box contains all the materials and instructions needed to build creative and innovative STEM projects, such as an electric-powered car, a walking bot, or a floating lamp. Their online platform provides video, audio, and picture tutorials, as well as a community for students to share their ideas and creations. Coaches guide and mentor the students through the learning process, helping them develop vital skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and empathy that lead to innovation. 
Mohannad Al-souqi | Jordan 

AI Employment Experience is revolutionizing the hiring process. Their revolutionary technology uses artificial intelligence to streamline sourcing, vetting, and hiring, automating recruiters' activities. On the other side, Candidates can gain 10 times faster access to dream jobs, individualized career assistance, and efficient job market analytics. 

Complete Magazine
Caíque Nucci | Brazil     

Complete Magazine is the first “phygital” platform in Latin America focused on Fashion, Beauty, Design and Culture. With a New Media Business format, it is a collaborative platform, using technologies to deliver new content consumption formats and immersive online experiences, all on the same screen. On the platform, one can buy the products that are in the editorial photography directly through the brand's own e-commerce in the SHOPS option, try the products through augmented reality in 3D, and follow the creative process and meet the professionals involved.

Hellen Sousa | Brazil
EcoCiclo is responsible for developing the first 100% biodegradable absorbent in Brazil, consolidating itself as a global reference by promoting sustainable practices at all stages of production. Through their B2B platform, EcoCiclo provides the supply chain of large corporations with sustainable products made by women, contributing to the increase in environmental and sustainable goals (ESG). 

Envirotech Solutions Pacific
Christopher Vanualailai | Fiji 

Envirotech is the first private initiative in Fiji and the Pacific for environmental data collection, providing exclusive Pacific data digitized with ESRI. Committed to compliance, they have partnered with CASANZ and the Fijian Government. Their US entry offers cost-effective, customized services, seamlessly integrating ESRI GIS technology, with recent recognition at GIST Pacific Startup Training validating their market potential. 

Kedumetse Liphi | Botswana

Ked-LiphiBw is an Innovation Driven Enterprise (IDE) specializing in electronic engineering, innovation and technology, utilizing sustainable and renewable natural green resources to address electricity shortages in rural communities. Their  flagship product, the Chedza solar backpack, provides light and power to sub-Saharan African communities, aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals 04, 07, and 13. Ked-LiphiBw aims to provide practical solutions for African challenges,and is driven by a young and innovative team dedicated to bringing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR), and AI technology to Africa and beyond.

Yevhen Popov | Ukraine 

Osavul is a proprietary software based on AI, which aids businesses, governments, NGOs, and journalists in analyzing, understanding, and evaluating the informational landscape. Using Osavul narrative analysis and threat intelligence, partners can conduct advanced media monitoring to make a deep information environment assessment and detect information threats and narrative attacks, avoiding reputational, economic and other collateral risks. 

Alex Plyaktur | Ukraine

This project is aimed at solving the problem of humanitarian demining of agricultural territories of Ukraine (and other countries) through the use of robotic modular platforms based on drones, which allows for surface preparation, searching for and identifying dangerous objects, destroying dangerous objects and removing residues, which is extremely important for the restoration of agricultural territories of Ukraine. They have developed an AI-based technology for detecting and identifying dangerous objects that imitates the decision-making of an experienced sapper and allows identification of objects even under snow, underwater, and vegetation. This is a step towards SWARM robotic demining, where robots operate in a dangerous environment and humans conduct them from a safe place.

Andrii Aleksieienko | Ukraine 

Spendbase is the one-stop shop for optimizing your spending on cloud and software subscriptions. It is a platform for companies to optimize SaaS, cloud, and corporate card spending. It gives companies clarity and track of their spending. With Spendbase, an average mid-sized company saves $0.5-1 million annually – a free product that saves you money for using it. From vendor negotiations to SaaS operations, their philosophy is plain and simple: maximize the return on the software you already own. 

Nazar Ponochevnyi | Ukraine 

Harmix provided music businesses with an advanced and affordable AI-based search in their catalog, allowing users to create prompts to find exactly the music they are looking for, for any occasion. 

UTU 3d Technology
Maxsym Zabudskyi | Ukraine

UTU 3D Technology has created the first unique 3D construction printer in Ukraine, with a uniquely designed novel software.

Yaroslav Kologryvov | Ukraine

PLATMA is an extreme no-code software development platform – using  simple English as a code for SMBs to help them scale faster. One can describe their  idea simply in English, and  convert it into a web application with the result on the fly. SMBs and startups can create solutions for their business on their own without the help of experts and spending hundreds of dollars on IT teams. For developers, PLATMA offers an enhanced development process - work ten times faster and take on more projects. 

Trojan Systems
Valentyn Goncharenko | Ukraine 
Trojan Systems is a  unique smart multi trap and professional CRM system for pest control. Their smart equipment controls the situation 24/7, minimizes the labor force for more than 70% of use-cases, and collects data for deep analytics and remote pest management. The product ecosystem reduces labor and maintenance costs, increases efficiency, and provides instant problem information and transparency in areas related to human health.

Valeria Burdyka | Ukraine 

Parostok has developed a hardware unit for pre-sowing seed treatment. It works to  help avoid fertilizers and chemicals on the seeds using microwave technology, creating clean seeds with better yields. They hope to validate their technology with US farmers. 

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