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Business Incubation Overview


GIST Business Incubation brings together the best international science & technology innovators and American businesses to increase cross-market access, open doors for joint ventures, and gain investor exposure.

While in residence in business incubators in U.S. markets such as Detroit, Kansas City, Phoenix, and Colorado Springs, global entrepreneurs have opportunities to make connections to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and build business relationships. American businesses gain awareness of foreign generated innovation and markets.


We have exciting news about this program. This year, 2022, GIST will be opening three new Business Incubation programs: one specifically designed for citizens of Ukraine, one specifically designed for citizens of Bhutan, and one designed for any citizen of the more than 130 countries GIST works in. Check back here shortly or sign up for our newsletter to be sent program updates directly to your inbox.

Business Incubation Success Stories


Vamekh Kherkheulidze of Elven Technologies

Elven Technologies is a high-tech personal protection equipment (PPE) company. Our first product is a technologically-advanced full body fire-proof suit with a cooling system to keep firefighters safe in the line of duty and help save lives.

Rituparna Das of Hydrotech Solutions

Hydrotec Solutions Private Limited has designed a Smart water ATM Kiosk that purifies and dispenses clean drinking water on pay per use basis, using sustainable energy.

Yakau Buta of StringersHub

StringersHub is a marketplace that connects stringers—freelance videographers and eyewitnesses—and media outlets, globally. Top media outlets can purchase “hot” material from these stringers.

Participating Incubators


The following incubators participated in the 2019 program:

TechTown Detroit - Detroit, Michigan, USA

Purdue Foundry - West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

mHub - Chicago, Illinois, USA

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

University of Arizona Center for Innovation - Tuscon, Arizona, USA

The Station - Houston, Texas, USA

DuBose and DuBose - Cleveland, Ohio, USA

University of Memphis Research Foundation, Research Park- Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Project UK - Kansas City, USA

Business Incubation Past Activities

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the 2019 Business Incubation program here. Learn more about the entrepreneurs participating in the program here.

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