GIST TechConnect: Elevating Diverse Voices in Ocean Advocacy and Innovation




Human health, economic prosperity, and a stable climate depend on a healthy ocean. However, unsustainable and dangerous human activities have put the health of our ocean in a dire position. Yet, there is still hope. It is vitally important to act now to find innovative solutions to stop and reverse the damage we have caused. Modern ocean pioneers are working tirelessly to bring about innovative solutions needed to save our ocean and protect our future.

GIST invited several of the ocean’s most outspoken advocates to share their journeys to creating movements that have begun to protect our ocean. They provided insight on how innovators can incorporate sustainable practices into their startups or ideas.

Why Watch

Learn from industry pioneers who have found ways to add their unique voice to climate advocacy, and how sustainable ocean startups have benefitted from their perspective. Gain practical insight on how to incorporate ocean smart, sustainable solutions into your startup.

Listen to diverse voices as they share their journey to becoming globally recognized innovators and ocean advocates.

Ask through live Q&A, how you can use innovative solutions to transform your startup to be a forerunner in climate and ocean protection.





Tierney Thys

Tierney Thys is an American marine biologist, science educator, and National Geographic explorer; she is also the founder of the nonprofit “Around The World in 80 Fabrics”, a traveling multi-media museum and educational outreach adventure into the wild world of fabrics. From the wisdom of diverse, indigenous cultures to cutting-edge innovations in recycling and biofabrication, the project celebrates and educates about nature-friendly fabric solutions to fast fashion pollution—the world’s second largest polluters.

Daniela Fernandez

At the age of 19, Daniela founded Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) as a college-room idea at Georgetown University. Six years later, she has built SOA into a global organization that is cultivating and accelerating innovative solutions to protect and sustain the health of the ocean. With phenomenal speed, SOA has created the world’s largest network of young ocean leaders - by establishing a presence in over 165 countries and has successfully launched the world’s first Ocean Solutions Accelerator to develop technological solutions that can address the greatest threats facing our planet.

Armon Alex

Armon Alex is a recognized Science Communicator and Ocean Steward from Corpus Christi, Tx and has close to a decade of experience collaborating with and leading environmental/conservation non-profits both internationally and in Texas. He currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Mayor's Environmental Task Force, is one of the youngest on the Board of Directors for EarthEcho International, a Science Communications TedTalk speaker and is the Co-Executive Director of the Gulf of Mexico Youth Climate Summit. His experience in science-based community outreach began with actively testing the water quality of his surrounding bays in collaboration with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi under his respectively founded student-led initiative research team that focused on education and advocacy throughout South Texas coastal communities. He currently works to inspire young environmentalists as a representative of the EarthEcho International Youth Leadership Council by equipping others with the tools to be effective science communicators.



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