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As CO2 is dissolved into the ocean, the water becomes more acidic and can have detrimental effects on marine life. One contributor to ocean acidification, the fashion industry, is estimated to be responsible for 8-10% of global carbon emissions. There is a global sense of urgency to analyze the production, finishing, and maintenance of textiles and to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to conserve and restore the marine environment.

Join us for an engaging masterclass as we mobilize ocean action by bringing together global science and technology early-stage entrepreneurs and ocean advocates to spark innovation and accelerate sustainable solutions that contribute directly to meeting the UN Ocean Conference’s Sustainable Development Goals. In this masterclass, participants will learn about ocean acidification and the socio-environmental consequences of fast fashion, and then brainstorm solutions to incorporate sustainable practices into their own startups or ideas in order to scale up ocean action.

This masterclass will be facilitated by Tierney Thys, an American Marine Biologist, National Geographic Explorer, Ocean Advocate, and Co-Founder of Around The World in 80 Fabrics, a nonprofit organization that addresses micro-plastic pollution and other socio-environmental consequences of fast fashion and celebrates the diversity of nature-friendly fibers.

June 27, 2022
Full Agenda for 27 June:

1:00 PM GMT+1: Welcome remarks, Introductions
1:05 PM GMT+1: MasterClass 
2:50 PM GMT+1: Break
3:00 PM GMT+1: TechConnect
3:55 PM GMT+1: Closing remarks

2:00 PM GMT+1
Location: NOVA School of Science and Technology, NOVA University of Lisbon; Campus de Caparica 2825-149 Caparica, Portugal

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