Artificial Intelligence Startup takes top prize in GIST Reginal Startup Training North Macedonia

Artificial Intelligence Startup takes top prize in GIST Reginal Startup Training North Macedonia

May 20, 2019

Elevate Global took home first place in the 2019 GIST Regional Startup Training in North Macedonia. The team won $2,000 and a spot in the GIST Business Incubator program.  

Elevate Global won for their Adaptive dataStream Analytics Platform or ASAP.  

ASAP significantly reduces the time that companies need to implement autonomous time series forecasting. The service provides detailed multivariate analytics on the target process or equipment, generates multiple forecasting models and detects the anomalous behavior with low latency.   

Elevate Global is based on the team's expertise in Artificial Intelligence, they help gather, process and acquire knowledge from the data available at your facility. 

The team members are Goran Stojanovski and Gjorgji Madjarov from North Macedonia. 

The team’s main goal for the Startup Training was to validate the market and create an extensive market research strategy. 

Elevate Global’s near term (next 2- 3 years) goal of the project for ASAP is to provide latency-bounded Adaptive time Series Analytics Platform for the telecom, manufacturing and utility industries. In order to foster automated data processing, ASAP integrates: 

  • Module for unified management, prescriptive analytics and knowledge discovery of time series. 

  • Module for run-time integration of multiple stream and batch analytics models in the streaming pipeline; 

  • Seamless dynamic configuration of the processing pipeline;  

  • GUI to visualize the forecast, errors and time series analysis results 

Their goal is to create the strongest bran in time series forecasting in Europe within 3 years. 

The GIST Startup Regional Training provided entrepreneurs with the skills and tools to develop their business models and grow their ventures.  

Participants spent four days honing their business ideas, perfecting their pitches, and showcasing their innovations during a Demo Day in front of business leaders, investors, academics and policy makers.  

The GIST Startup Training is one of several programs by the GIST Initiative that supports entrepreneurs from more than 130 emerging economies. GIST is the U.S. Department of State flagship science and technology entrepreneurship program. To learn more about the GIST Initiative, click here

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