GIST APEC Startup Training Prizes Total More than $125,000 USD

GIST APEC Startup Training Prizes Total More than $125,000 USD

September 26, 2018


The prizes information for the GIST APEC Startup Training in Brisbane, Australia has been announced – and it totals more than $125,000 USD in startup resources.

GIST partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing a substantial amount of credits for startup training participants. AWS credits can be used by entrepreneurs for tech training and cloud computing capabilities – critical resources for startups using technology such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things or large data analysis.

For the teams participating in the GIST APEC Startup Training, these AWS credits may provide them with the opportunity they need to scale their businesses and generate a larger impact in their communities.

The prizes breakdown is as follows:

  • First Place will be awarded $50,000 in AWS Credits
  • Second Place will be awarded $25,000 in AWS Credits
  • The Amazon Web Services Outstanding Woman will be awarded $10,000 in AWS Credits

In addition to the finalist prizes, AWS will award each participating team $1,500 in AWS credits, which will be in addition to the other prizes awarded during the Demo Day.

As part of the startup training prize pool for the First Place winner, the Australian Government is pleased to contribute a fully supported visit to Australia’s APEC Startup hubs to undertake a tailored networking program. This unique opportunity will either support a winning team’s visit to an Australian Landing Pad based in an APEC economy, or visit the Australian startup ecosystem.

The Landing Pads initiative provides market-ready Australian startups and scaleups with access to some of the world’s most renowned startup markets, including San Francisco, Shanghai and Singapore.

During their visit, the First Place team will participate in a tailored program, including networking opportunities with key players in the local startup ecosystem.

GIST will award the prizes upon completing of the four-day startup training in happening from October 22 – 25. The training will culminate with a Demo Day when participating teams will have a chance to showcase their startups on an international stage.

The GIST APEC Startup Training will provide entrepreneurs with the skills they need to further their leap into entrepreneurship and grow their businesses. To learn more about the training, follow this link.

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