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HATCH! was launched in 2012 with the double mission to support individual entrepreneurs and to promote the early-stage startup ecosystem in Vietnam.

At a Glance

I-Hub: HATCH! Ventures


Location: Vietnam

GIST I-Hub Vietnam supports an entrepreneurship bootcamp for deaf and hearing-impaired persons.

A Closer Look at HATCH! Ventures

What are the most important things people should know about your startup ecosystem? 

  • Mentorship 
  • Connect to investors

What is the biggest or what are the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs in your region?

  • pre-seed capital for the early stage
  • seeking for talented co-founders

Why did you decide to join the GIST Network as an I-Hub? 

  •  We could connect to the global innovators, and build a regional footprint
  • Some to fund a unique startup activity: an entrepreneurship bootcamp for deaf people, in partnership with CSIE (

Why is it important that you be part of the GIST Network as an I-Hub?

  • Participate in strengthening a regional innovation network
  • Cross-promote the activities to make a bigger impact and reach more audiences

HATCH! Updates

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