GIST Insights: Navigating the New Normal

GIST Insights: Navigating the New Normal

September 29, 2021

The changes wrought by the pandemic have upended so much of the world and of how we conduct the business of innovation. Despite the changes and shifts, there is one thing that hasn’t changed, and if anything, is more important than ever: the importance of community and networks towards fostering innovation. As we are more isolated physically, this connection has been challenging to maintain. Serendipitous connections in co-working spaces, coffee with mentors, deal-making handshakes, and other key ways to form connections have been unavailable to many. Yes, some of the old ways are missed, but the reimagining of our new community has in many ways changed our work culture for the better.
Learn more about these practices in our community in our latest article, “Networking in the New Normal”, and read on for the latest insights on this topic from the best of the web, curated from partners, leading thinkers and publishers. 

What you need to know: 

Stop Networking, Start Connecting
We love this podcast from Harvard Business Review, featuring business connections expert and author Susan McPherson. It’s a great place to start, as it focuses on the human side of networking in this moment. Our favorite take-away? Say “hello” to someone you’ve never talked to at your workspace today, and see where it takes you! Listen Here 

13 Business Leaders Share Their Predictions for the Future of Networking
Take a look at the predictions these business leaders are making; which do you think are true? One we can totally get behind:  “Engagement will matter more than the medium; Great questions and a curious nature can lead to great networking opportunities.” Learn More

It can’t all be bad! 8 Surprising Ways Remote Work Helps Business
There have been challenges in the pivot to work-from-home, but there have also been insights and new ways of doing work that studies are indicating are positive steps. With “going back to normal” looking further away, it’s important to keep in mind the changes that have been positive. Read More

Is Working from Home Really More Productive? 
The Future of Work survey, which compiled over 300 responses from executives at large companies, implies that working away from traditional offices will become the new norm; the report also agrees with the conclusions of a recent Stanford study that found working from home increased productivity among a group of 16,000 workers by 13% over the course of nine months. 
There’s lots of good news here, but also keep in mind some emerging new challenges. What’s scaring the experts? Look to IT security as the new major looming threat keeping business leaders up at night. Read More 

Is Remote Work Ruining Creativity?
The answer… depends. Some employees are thriving and others are struggling; the key is implementing practices that bring out the best in everyone. We are inspired by these 5 strategies: learn more here! 

Good virtual networking is an art, not a science.
It can be hard to adjust to virtual networking, and it in many ways feels very different than its IRL counterpart. Some things, however, haven’t changed at all. Strategic networking is all about mapping out who you know, nourishing the relationships you have and expanding your circle by getting to know the people you don't know, but that you need to know. This hasn’t changed, and your approach, virtual or otherwise, should follow suit: Read More 

Online, as in real-life, it's not just what you say – but how you say it.
Like our in-person physical body language, digital body language concerns the subtle cues that signal things like our mood or engagement, and change the meaning of the words we say – be it in text, on the phone or in a video call. 
Needless to say, the rise of remote working during the pandemic has only made these issues more urgent, but psychologists have long known that digital communication is ripe for misunderstanding. Learn more 

What is the Great Reshuffle and How Can You Make the Most of it? (These Free Courses Can Help)
Available (temporarily!) for free, we love these courses from LinkedIn on how to navigate this moment. From heading back to an office, making changes in position within a company, or doing a career pivot, there are resources here to help you in your journey, wherever it might take you! Find them here

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