Nicknamed “Goldorak” by Moroccans, the Technopark has become the symbol of Morocco’s entry to the era of new technologies. It is true that the Technopark enjoys an imposing size, but its brainpower concentration is even more important thanks to the companies that specialize in new information technology, Green tech, and cultural & creative industries.

Beyond sectoral duplication, the Technopark has embarked on a strategy that aims at regionalizing its model. As of today, the Technopark operates in 4 key regions of Morocco.

Since its start in 2001, the Technopark has supported more than 1,200 startups through its unique environment which attracts more and more entrepreneurs whom objectives are to launch their startups by taking advantage of a professional ecosystem with international standards and, the support mechanisms necessary for the development of their activities.

Today, Technopark’s start-ups success rate (after two years of incubation) attains 88 %. This performance is reached thanks to Technopark’s ecosystem which is constituted of several institutions that work towards offering funding, mentorship, and the ease of access to both the market and the skills. So far, the proximity we have with our companies and the quality of our support allowed us to succeed in our task: a permanent network of 350 startups, an occupation rate of the 4 sites that reaches 100 %, an annual turnover rate of 30%, and a community constituted of 2500 skilled associates.








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