GIST TechConnect: Innovative Problem Solving with Limited Resources

Program Description

Building a successful science and technology startup is challenging, even in the most developed startup ecosystems. For entrepreneurs who are not in these ecosystems – entrepreneurs who have limited access to capital, a strong network, government and industry support, or limited infrastructure – creating a startup is even more challenging.

However, there are entrepreneurs who have been able to launch and scale startups despite these challenges. These entrepreneurs understood how to leverage their limited resources to solve problems in their ecosystems. In doing so, these entrepreneurs created unique opportunities that helped them grow.

Now it is your turn to do the same. Join our panel of growth experts on the next GIST TechConnect, as they discuss how entrepreneurs with limited resources can overcome challenges facing their startups.

You can join the TechConnect online and send your questions using the chatbox next to the live stream. You can also submit your questions on Twitter using #GISTTechConnect.


Why Participate

- Listen as experts in unique problem solving highlight how to grow with limited resources

- Ask questions about solutions that can help overcome challenges in your startup ecosystem

- Learn strategies that you can use on your own startup that will help your business grow


Speaker Bios

Bri Losoya-Evora

Learning and Impact Manager, CEED

Bri is a monitoring and evaluation expert with over seven years of experience using data to promote evidence-based decision-making in development programming. Bri joined CEED in 2019 to strengthen its impact management efforts. Prior to joining CEED, Bri was a Senior Impact Analyst for the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) where she oversaw ANDE’s impact measurement activities and worked to track global trends in the support for entrepreneurs in emerging markets and to better understand the value that those entrepreneurs create for the stakeholders they serve.


Natasha Ramanujam

BEMPU Health, Head of Growth & Strategy

Natasha Ramanujam serves as the Head of Growth & Strategy at BEMPU Health. Prior to joining BEMPU, Natasha worked as a product strategy and innovation specialist in Chicago, Illinois where she executed business modeling and strategy consulting projects for new and emerging consumer technology. Natasha holds a degree from Northwestern University in Chicago and is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area.

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